December Goals

December 2, 2013

Have you heard of Asheejojo? If not you need to check out her blog! I love reading the different recipes, weekly recaps, and races she does. One thing she does each month is make up three goals that she wants to accomplish each month. I love that idea and think it is a great idea to keep yourself accountable to finish what you started. So, I am starting now and making up any number of things I want to accomplish each month. First I will start with something do-able such as three things:

1. Run a race other than a half marathon

My races are mainly half marathons because of my 26 before 26 goal but I want to branch out and try shorter distances and run them faster. I am thinking of running either a 5k, 10k, or 10 mile run during the month of December.

2. Cook or bake a new dish

I love food but I am horrible at cooking and baking. I tried making pumpkin bread a couple months ago and messed up the recipe two times before asking for help. I have made manicotti too but usually the noodles end up overcooked. I made something new (successfully!) this past weekend but it will be another blog post. It takes time but I am slowly learning. 

3. Work on strength and ab training

During my last training cycle I ran every other day and the weekend, did cross training two days a week, and had one day off. By the time cross training days came I would be tired from everything going on that I would opt for yoga, swimming, or just something easy that I could do quickly and mark off the schedule. I want to work on my full body strength a lot more during this month.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey you figured out the comments!! Thanks Ashleigh!

  2. I just checked out Ashleigh's blog and it's awesome. Thanks for directing us there! Shorter distance races are a totally different beast but I feel like they can mentally prepare you to tackle the last few miles of a half or full marathon. And cooking and baking can be rough--sometimes I make the same recipe twice and it comes out awful the second time (if it comes out awful the first time I don't make it again haha)!

    1. No problem! That's what I've heard and that's why I think I want to try them so much. Long distances are more fun but I want to get fast! Haha I won't stop making a recipe until I get it right :)

  3. Love Ashleigh's blog too!
    Can't wait for you to post your recipe and see what you made! :)


    1. She's so cool! I will post it soon! Thanks for commenting Brie :)

  4. Love it! Great idea to set some goals totally different than what the last few months of marathon training have been like! I have set the goal to aquajog for 3 weeks to MAKE myself take a time out from running!!
    Also--i am with ya on the abs!! whoohoo!
    And lastly... going to really really be diligent on stretching. Alwaysss forget (ok lazyness) to do it!


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