Cold Weather Running Tips

December 9, 2013

When I say cold weather it refers to anything between 30 and 45 degrees. To some people that is nothing, but I live in Texas where those temperatures are not heard of except for maybe a few weeks out of the whole year. My sister lives in another state and she has snow and 10 degree weather. Let's just say I am not longer thinking running in rainy, 40 degree weather is so bad after all. And even if it is supposed to warm back up to seventy next week, here are some tips to remember while running in weather you aren't used to for as long as it may last:

1. Stay warm. Whether it is a long sleeve top under a jacket, a running vest, or a Lululemon base layer pullover the top layer will keep you and your core warm. Leggings, gloves, and ear warmers are other items I like to run with.

2. Stay motivated. By staying motivated I focus on the half marathon I am running in six weeks and my goals for the race. Focus on an upcoming race, on the warm cookies that wait at home, or on the pace you want to reach.

3. Always match. Even when it gets cold outside matching and looking cute is still the most important rule.

4. Enjoy it. Usually when it is colder I run faster to get finished with the miles quickly. It is also an excuse to come back home and get a second cup of hot chocolate and "recover" with Netflix.. I mean the foam roller. 

But you probably shouldn't take any tips from me because you may be dealing with snow and being stuck inside. Today I went for the longest run since the marathon I ran a few weeks ago, 7 1/2 miles! Even with the rain I enjoyed every minute of it. I am planning on doing yoga this afternoon since I haven't stretched in awhile.

Happy my-eyes-are-watering-and-I-can't-see-because-it's-a-little-bit-chilly-out-here running!


  1. haha I love your number 3 tip. It's so true! Last year I had an obsession with getting long sleeved half zips in all kinds of cute colors/designs so this year I'm all stocked up for cute warm running clothes..ok that's a lie there is always room for more :)

    1. Oh that sounds so cute!! Haha I agree, you can never have too many running clothes ;)

  2. food and drink never taste better than after a cold wintery run!! Yes, that is a FACT! :)


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