Cocoa Women's half marathon: Week One

December 14, 2013

I am officially registered for the Cocoa Women's half marathon on January 19th! This means I have about six weeks to train but I normally don't stress too much over training for a half. My goal for this race is to break my old PR of an 1:42. My second goal is to run to the chocolate chip pancakes that is promised at the finish line. I found a training plan online to loosely follow but as you can see I was all over the place this week.

Here is a recap of my workouts:

12/8, Sunday: Rest day

Sunday's are always rest days for me.

12/9, Monday: Run

7.50 mile run at a 8:38 pace per mile

12/10, Tuesday: Easy run + cross training 

3 mile easy run || 30 minutes of strength training

12/11, Wednesday: Rest day

12/12, Thursday: Cross training

P90X shoulders and arms for 45 minutes || 10 minutes of abs

12/13, Friday: Run

4.01 miles at 7:39 pace per mile

12/14: Cross training

Yoga for 30 minutes

The rest of my weekend I am studying for my last two finals. Have a great weekend!

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