Christmas Week | aka lots of pictures

December 29, 2013

My posts have just been one picture lately so I am giving a whole recap of this week to fill you in on other things that have been going on! With lots of pictures from my phone because I love pictures. 

Thank you to everyone who were so nice and patient with me these past few days! I had a lot of behind the scenes blogging errors and I was emailing people like crazy. Thanks to AshleighNicoleErin, and Chris for emailing me back and helping me fix the problems! And sorry if you were reading my blog late Friday night or any time yesterday and experienced errors. It was a mess but everything is fixed now!

I posted a different picture but don't have the full outfit of the day on here. This was from last week while Christmas gift shopping. It's on my Instagram, @saralynnhoffman. 
Peplum & Cheetah
We had my sister and brother in law and my grandparents come into town. I don't know if I mentioned it on here but my oldest sister, Anna, is training for Ironman Florida 2014. She brought all of her gear, including her bike and bike trainer along with her husbands trainer, to train with. Her and my dad set up their bikes in the garage and rode together. 

wrote that Christmas Eve was a nice evening, which is was, but the afternoon was crazy! I was scheduled to play both of the Christmas services which meant I went to cross fit in the morning, got home and dressed, then ran up to the church thinking I would be late to rehearsal. I wasn't feeling well that day so even the smallest thing becomes a stress. When I got there I realized I wasn't scheduled for the first service so I ran back home, took a nap, then went back for the next service. 

We went over to Anna's in laws house after church and sent this picture to our youngest sister who couldn't make it. We were sad without her. 

You've already seen this picture a million times. I just really love my new watch. I also got the heart rate monitor that calculates recovery advisor, race predicting times, and other stuff. After my long eight mile run it said I had 72 hours until my next hard run. After my run it was telling me the records I beat. Since it was my first time running in it I beat all the records! My other watch only told me "average pace, time, distance." So not fun.

And some new Lululemon. I was laughing when my sister told me that they took a screen shot of my blog and took it into the store to find all the things on it. The leggings have pockets on the sides. POCKETS! Other running gear included other items from my blog post, a vinyasa scarf, running sleeves, and gloves you can text with. It had to be gloves to text with.

For my birthday in May, my sister, Liz, got me a 13.1 charm on a necklace. For Christmas, my parents finished the necklace and got me a 26.2 charm. I love it!!

One of the things I always seemed to run out of during training was running fuel. It was one of those things that I needed but that was too small to make an extra stop at the store for. I asked for a ton of gu chomps and gels so that I could be stocked for my next training cycle. I'm ready to train for another marathon now. 

Yesterday evening my family and I went to church with my sister's in laws. We had them take our family picture in front of the Christmas trees at church which we were only a couple days late on. 

And that wraps up the week! Yesterday I posted about my training for the week. Friday I posted about the new Garmin in my life. And Tuesday I posted more on cross fit with my sister and brother in law.


  1. I loooove that outfit! So cute:) I need to do one of these posts, I have so much random stuff that never made it to the blog!

    1. Thank you Leigha!! Yes, you should! I love reading these types of posts and definitely look forward to yours!

  2. Which Garmin did you get? I might get one. I want something more in-depth than my Apple watch.


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