Christmas Ideas For Runners

December 12, 2013

Alright, alright. I know you are all curious as to what I am asking for for Christmas so I am joining the blogger bandwagon where we share our holiday gift guide. These are top nine gifts that are great for runners in general but also items that I have or am looking at putting down on my list. 

1. Compression socks. Cost: $42. I own black, blue, and pink compression socks and only wear them to match when I run in a cold race. I sometimes wear them for recovery but I don't typically have cramps and pains so I don't know how useful these are for people who actually need compression. Nevertheless, if you are struggling at what to buy for your runner friend and they love to match you won't go wrong with these.

2. Running gloves. Cost: $25. I wear cheap target gloves to run in but these look too cute and nice! Gloves are great for cold weather runs.

3. Running arm warmers. Cost: $25. These are one of my must-haves. My arms get so cold during winter races but I don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt. These would be great for both training runs and races. (Hint hint family)

4. Nike FuelBand. Cost: $149. I don't know what this is other than it looks cool. It says it measures activities, tracks intensity of workouts, counts steps, displays progress, keeps you motivated. Sounds good enough for someone you really want to impress.

5. Marathon charm. Cost: $39. I love this charm! I already have the half marathon charm from my birthday this past year and would love to add the marathon charm to the necklace also.

6. Half marathon charm. Cost: $39. This is perfect for the half marathon runner to represent their races. It can either go on a charm bracelet or put onto a necklace chain.

7. Runners World Magazine Subscription. Cost: $20. I love reading Runners World but typically read it while I stroll through Target or when my sister gives me her old magazines. A years worth of Runners World would be the runners (and my) dream.

8. Yurbuds. Cost: $30- $60 depending where you buy them. Headphones that stay in while you run. Should I explain more than that?

9. Sweaty Bands. Cost: $15. I love these headbands. Other headbands are so annoying and fall out right when I start running. These stay in for a two mile run or a twenty six point two mile run.

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