2013 In Review

December 30, 2013

As 2013 is coming to an end I decided to post about what this year has been to me. This year has been full of ups and downs but mostly on my blog you will read about the good things. 

| R a c e s  I n  R e v i e w |

This was the first year I began to race seriously, not just running around my neighborhood for a workout. I loved every race I signed up for! I ran three half marathons, one muddy 5k with my friends, one twenty miler, and one marathon. I didn't previously sign up for races because I didn't want to race alone. I got out of my comfort zone and am so glad I did. I also never would have thought I would be a marathoner but I stuck with training and ran all the way to the finish line!  Running a marathon was something I always wanted to do but considered impossible. My favorite thing about racing is always having my families support. 

| M i s c e l l a n e o u s  I n  R e v i e w |

There were also a bunch of activities that made good memories such as going to Spurs games with my family, going to the rampage games with my friends, celebrating my 20th birthday, attending Bible study get togethers, catching up with my friends from high school, cheering on my sister at her triathlons, cheering on my other sister at her track and cross country races, taking my younger sister to her campus a couple times a week, being a part of a flash mob, walking around the marathon expo with my family, and so much more.

2013 has been a great year! But I am looking forward to a new year to enjoy more family time, be a better sister/friend, have new goals, and sign up for more races.

Christmas Week | aka lots of pictures

December 29, 2013

My posts have just been one picture lately so I am giving a whole recap of this week to fill you in on other things that have been going on! With lots of pictures from my phone because I love pictures. 

Thank you to everyone who were so nice and patient with me these past few days! I had a lot of behind the scenes blogging errors and I was emailing people like crazy. Thanks to AshleighNicoleErin, and Chris for emailing me back and helping me fix the problems! And sorry if you were reading my blog late Friday night or any time yesterday and experienced errors. It was a mess but everything is fixed now!

I posted a different picture but don't have the full outfit of the day on here. This was from last week while Christmas gift shopping. It's on my Instagram, @saralynnhoffman. 
Peplum & Cheetah
We had my sister and brother in law and my grandparents come into town. I don't know if I mentioned it on here but my oldest sister, Anna, is training for Ironman Florida 2014. She brought all of her gear, including her bike and bike trainer along with her husbands trainer, to train with. Her and my dad set up their bikes in the garage and rode together. 

wrote that Christmas Eve was a nice evening, which is was, but the afternoon was crazy! I was scheduled to play both of the Christmas services which meant I went to cross fit in the morning, got home and dressed, then ran up to the church thinking I would be late to rehearsal. I wasn't feeling well that day so even the smallest thing becomes a stress. When I got there I realized I wasn't scheduled for the first service so I ran back home, took a nap, then went back for the next service. 

We went over to Anna's in laws house after church and sent this picture to our youngest sister who couldn't make it. We were sad without her. 

You've already seen this picture a million times. I just really love my new watch. I also got the heart rate monitor that calculates recovery advisor, race predicting times, and other stuff. After my long eight mile run it said I had 72 hours until my next hard run. After my run it was telling me the records I beat. Since it was my first time running in it I beat all the records! My other watch only told me "average pace, time, distance." So not fun.

And some new Lululemon. I was laughing when my sister told me that they took a screen shot of my blog and took it into the store to find all the things on it. The leggings have pockets on the sides. POCKETS! Other running gear included other items from my blog post, a vinyasa scarf, running sleeves, and gloves you can text with. It had to be gloves to text with.

For my birthday in May, my sister, Liz, got me a 13.1 charm on a necklace. For Christmas, my parents finished the necklace and got me a 26.2 charm. I love it!!

One of the things I always seemed to run out of during training was running fuel. It was one of those things that I needed but that was too small to make an extra stop at the store for. I asked for a ton of gu chomps and gels so that I could be stocked for my next training cycle. I'm ready to train for another marathon now. 

Yesterday evening my family and I went to church with my sister's in laws. We had them take our family picture in front of the Christmas trees at church which we were only a couple days late on. 

And that wraps up the week! Yesterday I posted about my training for the week. Friday I posted about the new Garmin in my life. And Tuesday I posted more on cross fit with my sister and brother in law.

Cocoa Women's half marathon: Week Three

December 28, 2013

This week was a pretty good training week. I got my goal in of 8 miles. I crossed off my first December goal of building my running base back. 8 miles is the longest I have run since the marathon. At the beginning of December I was at 5 miles. I'll take adding on one more mile each week. I have three more week's until my next half! Below is a recap of workouts:

12/22, Sunday: Rest day

12/23, Monday: Run + Cross training

4 mile run with my sisters. I didn't take my Garmin with me. I held a plank for as long as I could- 1.5 min plank.

12/24, Tuesday: Cross training

I tried out cross fit for the first time! It was 60 minutes in all but we had breaks.

12/25, Wednesday: Rest day

Sick, didn't feel well.

12/26, Thursday: Run

8 mile run @ 8.21 pace per mile. I decided to get my long run over with for the week plus try out my new Garmin for the first time.

12/27, Friday: Cross training

I did about 20 mins of sit ups, push ups, arm weights, planks. I didn't really want to workout so I just did a quick session.

12/28, Saturday: Run

3 mile easy run @ 9.25 pace per mile.

Meet Garmie Junior, The New Garmin In My Life

December 27, 2013

Hi again! I hope you had a great Christmas! Besides the craziness of trying to get a few last minute things together before Christmas, this has been a really good week! On Christmas Eve, after I finished playing in the orchestra for the church services, my family, grandparents, and I headed over to my sisters in laws for a Christmas party. We had dinner, played games, and opened one present which is my families tradition. We kept Christmas simple since some of us weren't feeling well; opened presents and relaxed at the house. 

Santa was really good to me. I got the new Garmin that I had been looking at since September and tried it out for a run yesterday! I was having so much fun that my easy two mile run turned into an eight mile run. At least my long run is over with for the week. Meet Garmie junior!

I love it. My old watch is definitely not as fun as this one. I'll have a recap of training for the week up tomorrow.

Cross Fit + December Goal Three

December 24, 2013

You guys, I did cross fit for the first time this morning! Now I get why people love it. I was so nervous before we got started because I don't do that type of weight lifting and I didn't want to be wimpy. Turns out no one cared how light I was lifting. My brother in law, Jake, and older sister, Anna, took me with them.

There were probably 20 people there. We did a few drills as warm up, two 400m sprints, then the WOD or workout of the day. My first 400 meter was 1:22 and my second was a 1:24. The workout of the day was five rounds of sled pulls then ten power snatches. The lady in charge had me do kettle bell swings instead of the power snatches. They charted everyone's results and I got last.. But it was my first time so I didn't care. My brother in law got second! 

I can cross out one of my December goals that was to work on ab and strength training. I may not be able to lift the heaviest weights but I have been working on more strength training this past month. The first of December I couldn't do push ups but now I can do ten! 

Now I am off to get ready for orchestra. This afternoon and evening are the Christmas Eve services at church which I will be playing with the orchestra in both. Have a Merry Christmas!

4 Week Half Marathon Training Guide

December 23, 2013

While I have been doing some training, I realized I only have four weeks until the half marathon that hope to PR in. I just finished a full marathon, I haven't run long enough, and I don't have enough time to add on more milage. I am very competitive but I don't think it is possible for me to PR in a race I signed up for without the proper training time. But even with the excuses, I am training hard and starting to build up to racing again.

I am trying a different training program based on how I have been running lately. It has three to four running days and four cross training days. I found one of Hal Higdon's 12 week programs except I am following only the last four weeks. Week 9 is my next training week but rather than the 10k race I am switching it out for an 8 - 8.5 mile run. My longest run since the marathon is 7.5. 

My goals for this race are to have fun running my first half of the new year and try to run as fast as I can. 

Lately I have been enjoying time with my family. My oldest sister and brother in law came into town on Thursday and my grandparents got here today. I ran a four miler today and look forward to trying cross fit with my sister tomorrow morning. I have never been to cross fit and am a little nervous.

Wish me luck!

Cocoa Women's half marathon: Week Two

December 21, 2013

Since I did a hard training week last week I decided to keep my runs easier during the week. I did a leg workout on Tuesday and my legs were still sore three days later! I started a run on Friday but didn't feel good so I stuck to cross training. I ended the week with a 6 mile long run. Recap of the week:

12/15, Sunday: Rest day

12/16, Monday: Run + Cross training 

I did a 4 mile run without Garmin then did 10 minutes of abs

12/17, Tuesday: Cross training 

I followed P90X legs sequence for an hour.

12/ 18, Wednesday: Easy run

3 mile easy run @ 9:01 pace per mile

12/19, Thursday: Rest day

12/20 Friday: Cross training

I followed P90X arms sequence for about forty five minutes.

12/ 21, Saturday: Long run

6 mile run @ 8:03 pace per mile


December 20, 2013

Happy Friday! I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my Friday favorites.

O N E |

It's finally Christmas break! Six finals later and I am done. I finished my last final on Tuesday morning and have been enjoying my time off. Plus, Christmas is right around the corner!

T W O |

On Wednesday night my mom, sisters and I headed to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts. The mall was pretty crazy but we got there late and stayed late and were able to get most of our shopping done.

T H R E E |

I finally bought some booties! I have seen these on multiple style blogs but I wasn't sure how they would look on me. I still have to figure out what outfit to wear with them but I think they are cute and trendy. I bought mine from Nordstrom but Anthropologie, Steve Madden, and Sole Society all have good options.

F O U R |

I love organizing. One thing that is not organized is my blog/blogging. I read a recent post that you guys who comment on my blog don't see the reply unless you go back and search the post you commented on. I reply to all comments within one day but am trying to figure out how to fix that problem. I also comment on a lot of different blogs and forget to check back with their blog to see the reply so I want to use these printables to keep track of comments, posts, etc. You can find all the printables --> here <--

F I V E |

After running blogs, I love reading style blogs. Two of my favorites that I recently found are:

      The Sweetest Thing Blog

      The Northeast Girl

More About Me!

December 18, 2013

When I find a new blog to read my first stop is the "about me" page. My page tells you what I like to do but there are a few things you may not know about me or that will never appear on my blog. I'm linking up with Marquis from Simply Clarke to give you more things that are about me:

  • I love God 
  • I only eat macaroni and cheese with ketchup
  • I never would have thought I would be a blogger but now I love it and think everyone should blog
  • I have a guinea pig named Ollie
  • My morning consists of making my own coffee and reading blogs
  • When I was younger I would cry every time I got a haircut
  • Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, and Switched at Birth are my favorite shows 
  • I have been to Starbucks twice.. in my life
  • Country music is the best
  • I love Katy Perry 
  • Oreo milkshakes, the smell of new running shoes, chick flicks, putting outfits together, being outdoors... these are a few of my favorite things
  • I'm obsessed with shopping
  • I don't like Facebook 
  • I enjoy picture taking 
  • Harry Potter will always be the best series 
  • I'm a girly girl
  • OCD and germaphobe are two words that describe me
  • I love my sisters
  • I hate roller coasters
  • I enjoy reading but haven't found any good books lately
  • Netflix is the best invention 
  • My biggest dream would be to complete an Ironman

My Year of Running: 2013

December 17, 2013

In January I was busy with all my other activities that I love to do but I wanted something more than just spending my extra time studying. I wanted my own hobby. I ran regularly and one day I decided to sign up for a half marathon... and then decided to run 26 more by the time I turn 26. This year I completed races/runs that I never thought I could do. Miss Zippy wrote on her blog a post about her year of running in 2013. You can find the post -- here.  I am linking up with her on my year of running.

Best race experience? Of course, my first marathon! I still can't believe I ran a marathon this year. That is my most exciting race experience but I think every race is fun. Here is a list of my most favorite which is basically every race I ran this year. 

Best run? During my past training cycle I ended up overtraining for a couple of weeks. It was frustrating, I had to switch up my training days, and I skipped a couple long runs. Looking back it all seems silly now since it didn't effect the race but at the time I was worried I wouldn't be able to run  the marathon. I took a weekend off and re-tried running the planned 16 miler and was so excited! That would have to be the best run because I got my mental game back. The 20 mile race would be my second best run. I can't choose just one!

Best new piece of gear? Hands down my fuel belts. At first I thought it would be weird running with something attached to my hips but it turned out very useful. I use the top one with the bottles for training and the spi belt for races.  

Best piece of running advice you received? My dad is always the first person I go to when I need advice or encouragement because he has the best advice. One of the things I remember him telling me during training was, "Don't worry about pace, just run." Sometimes I would be worried about how I was training compared to other runners training but my dad always reminded me to run what I run and not to compare myself to others.

Most inspirational runner? The most inspirational runner would be Page from Twenty Six and Then Some. I found her blog a few months ago and always look forward to reading her posts. She has incredible accomplishments of super fast half marathons, qualifying for Boston, and completing an Ironman. I realized that anything I set my mind to I can complete and she made me want to set my own goals. 

If you could sum up your year of running in a couple of words, what would they be? My years worth of running could be summed up with: running is fun, blogging about running is more fun. 

Cocoa Women's half marathon: Week One

December 14, 2013

I am officially registered for the Cocoa Women's half marathon on January 19th! This means I have about six weeks to train but I normally don't stress too much over training for a half. My goal for this race is to break my old PR of an 1:42. My second goal is to run to the chocolate chip pancakes that is promised at the finish line. I found a training plan online to loosely follow but as you can see I was all over the place this week.

Here is a recap of my workouts:

12/8, Sunday: Rest day

Sunday's are always rest days for me.

12/9, Monday: Run

7.50 mile run at a 8:38 pace per mile

12/10, Tuesday: Easy run + cross training 

3 mile easy run || 30 minutes of strength training

12/11, Wednesday: Rest day

12/12, Thursday: Cross training

P90X shoulders and arms for 45 minutes || 10 minutes of abs

12/13, Friday: Run

4.01 miles at 7:39 pace per mile

12/14: Cross training

Yoga for 30 minutes

The rest of my weekend I am studying for my last two finals. Have a great weekend!

This Is What I've Been Up To:

December 13, 2013

This week has been so crazy and so much fun! In between studying for my last few finals and working, I participated in different Christmas activities that I normally don't get to be in. On Wednesday night I went to my orchestra Christmas party and got to eat good food and meet different people from the orchestra who I had not met before. 

The picture above is from yesterday. My mom, younger sister, and I were invited by our in laws to participate in a flash mob at our airport on Thursday morning. We love to dance so we immediately said yes! This event is called the Snowball Express. Each year the Snowball Express gets together to serve the children and families of those who have lost a fallen military hero. It was so neat and touching to be a part of their experience.

My family was invited along with a dance team, people from Chick-fil-a, random airport workers, and a few other girls. We got together Tuesday night to rehearse our dance and practiced until it was perfect. Then on Thursday we spread out around the airport terminal and waited until our cue. It was so fun to watch people stop and stare as random people joined together in the middle of the floor and danced. For our orchestra worship I have always learned to ignore the camera so when the camera was on me I wasn't sure whether to smile or look away. A few pictures below thanks to Ragan Patterson Studios: 

On Thursday night my family and in laws went to the Michael W. Smith concert. It was a great concert! We loved listening to his music. The concert also had singer Angie Miller who we had not heard of because we don't watch American Idol. Apparently she placed third on American Idol this past season. We were amazed at her voice. That girl can sing!

And tonight my family has tickets to the basketball game! This week keeps getting better even though I still have two more finals to go... I feel like I should have been done a week ago. I will have a workout recap up tomorrow. Other things that have (not) been going on: I still have yet to sign up for the half marathon I am looking at running in January and I still need to register for two different nursing school exams and I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I am hoping to have time to do most of that tomorrow afternoon.

Christmas Ideas For Runners

December 12, 2013

Alright, alright. I know you are all curious as to what I am asking for for Christmas so I am joining the blogger bandwagon where we share our holiday gift guide. These are top nine gifts that are great for runners in general but also items that I have or am looking at putting down on my list. 

1. Compression socks. Cost: $42. I own black, blue, and pink compression socks and only wear them to match when I run in a cold race. I sometimes wear them for recovery but I don't typically have cramps and pains so I don't know how useful these are for people who actually need compression. Nevertheless, if you are struggling at what to buy for your runner friend and they love to match you won't go wrong with these.

2. Running gloves. Cost: $25. I wear cheap target gloves to run in but these look too cute and nice! Gloves are great for cold weather runs.

3. Running arm warmers. Cost: $25. These are one of my must-haves. My arms get so cold during winter races but I don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt. These would be great for both training runs and races. (Hint hint family)

4. Nike FuelBand. Cost: $149. I don't know what this is other than it looks cool. It says it measures activities, tracks intensity of workouts, counts steps, displays progress, keeps you motivated. Sounds good enough for someone you really want to impress.

5. Marathon charm. Cost: $39. I love this charm! I already have the half marathon charm from my birthday this past year and would love to add the marathon charm to the necklace also.

6. Half marathon charm. Cost: $39. This is perfect for the half marathon runner to represent their races. It can either go on a charm bracelet or put onto a necklace chain.

7. Runners World Magazine Subscription. Cost: $20. I love reading Runners World but typically read it while I stroll through Target or when my sister gives me her old magazines. A years worth of Runners World would be the runners (and my) dream.

8. Yurbuds. Cost: $30- $60 depending where you buy them. Headphones that stay in while you run. Should I explain more than that?

9. Sweaty Bands. Cost: $15. I love these headbands. Other headbands are so annoying and fall out right when I start running. These stay in for a two mile run or a twenty six point two mile run.

Full Body Workout

December 10, 2013

Today for a workout I did a three mile easy run followed by 15 minutes of abs. One of my other goals for the next few months is to get more upper body and core strength. For me, running is easy so I would rather run for however many miles and be done with the day. I tend not to do workouts that are hard such as arm/core workouts. I want to focus more on completing the harder workouts to get stronger. 

These are just a few examples of workouts I do on cross training days. I usually work on abs, arms, and legs with workouts that my younger sister received from her college coach. My sister and I put together a few of our favorite workouts for a full body/ lean muscle workout to show you guys. The great thing about these workouts is you can choose how many reps you want to do and how heavy of weights, if any, you want to add. There are a bunch of other workouts you can find online. This is one of my other favorite workouts.

What the pictures show:

1. Top left is a plank. This is a great ab workout. With your back straight and hips down, hold yourself up for as long as you can. My sister and I hold a plank for a minute and we do two sets of planks. I know some bloggers who like to plank for three minutes or more.

2. Bottom left is a series of lunges with weights. Step forward, lunge, lift weights over head then bring them back down, step forward and repeat.

3. The middle picture is side steps using a resistance band. The picture shows the way to cross the band between hands. I step to the left for ten steps and back to the right for ten steps. Usually repeating a few times until I feel the burn.

4. The far right pictures are ab curls, another great ab workout. Lay down on the ground supporting your head, lift your legs and head to meet in the middle, then release.

Here is to hoping that by sticking with strength training for two to three times a week that I will notice a difference. If you know other strength workouts that you like to do, leave a comment below!

Cold Weather Running Tips

December 9, 2013

When I say cold weather it refers to anything between 30 and 45 degrees. To some people that is nothing, but I live in Texas where those temperatures are not heard of except for maybe a few weeks out of the whole year. My sister lives in another state and she has snow and 10 degree weather. Let's just say I am not longer thinking running in rainy, 40 degree weather is so bad after all. And even if it is supposed to warm back up to seventy next week, here are some tips to remember while running in weather you aren't used to for as long as it may last:

1. Stay warm. Whether it is a long sleeve top under a jacket, a running vest, or a Lululemon base layer pullover the top layer will keep you and your core warm. Leggings, gloves, and ear warmers are other items I like to run with.

2. Stay motivated. By staying motivated I focus on the half marathon I am running in six weeks and my goals for the race. Focus on an upcoming race, on the warm cookies that wait at home, or on the pace you want to reach.

3. Always match. Even when it gets cold outside matching and looking cute is still the most important rule.

4. Enjoy it. Usually when it is colder I run faster to get finished with the miles quickly. It is also an excuse to come back home and get a second cup of hot chocolate and "recover" with Netflix.. I mean the foam roller. 

But you probably shouldn't take any tips from me because you may be dealing with snow and being stuck inside. Today I went for the longest run since the marathon I ran a few weeks ago, 7 1/2 miles! Even with the rain I enjoyed every minute of it. I am planning on doing yoga this afternoon since I haven't stretched in awhile.

Happy my-eyes-are-watering-and-I-can't-see-because-it's-a-little-bit-chilly-out-here running!

Weekly Workouts

December 7, 2013

I am still working on building back up to running normally again. It is weird going from a marathon high to absolutely no running to trying to run just a couple of miles and having to walk the rest of the way home. I have read other marathoners blogs and they seem to all be in the same boat as me so I am thinking this is a normal feeling. Here are my workouts from this past week:

Sunday: 4 mile easy run, no Garmin just took it easy and ran. I felt great!

Monday: 3 mile run at a 9.29 pace || 15 mins of abs

Tuesday: 30 minutes of strength training

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5 miles at 8.38 pace

Friday: Indoor bike for 30 minutes

Saturday: 3 miles at a 9.03 pace || 15 mins of abs

Tomorrow I am taking another day off. This weekend is our church Christmas services. I am playing in the orchestra tonight and tomorrow and I am looking forward to that! I will have a post about it next week. Have a good weekend!

Life lately according to my phone pictures..

December 6, 2013

This week has been crazy with three lab finals in one week but I am finished! Well, almost. It was the last week of classes before finals week/ Christmas break. I don't have the rest of my finals for a few more days so I am taking some time away from studying. Taking six science classes in one semester was crazy. Friends told me not to do it because of how much it required but I did it anyways knowing I wanted to apply for nursing school within the next few months. It was kinda like running a marathon. The semester started off easy, after a few weeks it was hard and overwhelming but I stuck with it, then before I knew it I have already taken three tests and I only have three more to go. I did it!

Some random thoughts from the pictures above. It has been cold this week so I had an excuse for lots of hot chocolate each morning. I wasn't home the nights my family went to get a tree or when they put the lights on but they saved decorating with ornaments for when we are all home tomorrow! A couple of food pictures of this week's eats including blueberry muffins for breakfast and a chicken wrap for dinner both of which were delicious. My dad and sister leaving on a run in thirty degree weather looking so cute.

On Thursday I went for a five mile run and planned on taking it easy but ended up running faster than planned. I have been working out each day of the week and it feels great to be back!

Happy Friday!

Upcoming Races

December 5, 2013

After looking at December races I realized that each weekend I have something going on so I am changing the first December goal of mine to: start building back my running base.

The Rock n Roll marathon that I ran a couple weeks ago doesn't happen again until next December. I want to run another marathon in the spring. Why is it so hard to find the perfect temperatures, a super flat course, and a race close by?

I took about 12 days off from exercise since the race. I planned two weeks of rest but running helps me get rid of stress and give me a chance to clear my head so I went for a short run/walk last Friday. It didn't feel good at all. I had to walk after just a mile. I went for a run on Sunday and it felt great! It was like my body knew it had been two weeks and it was ready to go again. I am working on building my base back up again. I plan on doing shorter runs during the week between 2 and 4 miles depending on how I feel that day. I also have a goal to work more on strength training during this next training cycle. 

The good thing is that in the spring there are tons of half marathons and other distance races going on each month. I have found a few that I want to run:

This is a January race. I have never heard of this race but I found it online from a 2014 race schedule. Apparently they give out chocolate chip pancakes at the finish. That's a good reason to run a half marathon, right?

I ran this half marathon last year and loved it! I registered again for this race next year pretty much the week after I finished it this year. 

My dad, oldest sister, and I are looking into this spring marathon. There are a bunch of positive reviews online. It's supposed to be a good supported race and flat course. The only thing we are working through is the distance and figuring out how we will travel that weekend. 

I am going to add a few more races as it gets closer but there is my race list as of now! 

Recipe Post: Spaghetti Squash Boats

December 4, 2013

I can cross off one of my December goals! I found this recipe off of Asheejojo's blog and it is delicious! My oldest sister makes spaghetti squash for her husband and her and they enjoy it. The idea of a vegetable having noodles inside of it was weird to me. However, I found one of these squash at the store and decided to try something new. My younger sister helped me make this. Also, most of the directions come from Ashleigh's blog.

// Ingredients We Used // 

1 spaghetti squash
1 pound of sausage
1 to 1 and a half cups of broccoli
1/3 cup of sliced tomatoes
1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese
Salt and pepper for taste

You can add other ingredients such as green peppers and mushrooms.

// Directions// 

1. Using a knife, cut holes throughout the squash. 

2. Place the squash in the oven for 45 minutes on 400 degrees.

3. Let squash cool while you mix other ingredients. Once cooled, cut the squash lengthwise. Scoop out seeds and other middle parts of squash. Separate the strands along the sides of the squash using a fork. Set squash aside.

4. In a skillet, cook the sausage and broccoli over medium heat until meat is no longer pink. 

5. Add the basil, salt and pepper; cook and stir for 2 minutes. 

6. Add tomatoes; cook and stir for 2 minutes. Take out squash "noodles" and stir them into the skillet.

7. Fill shells, place in shallow baking dish, place in oven on 350 degrees for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and enjoy! There should be enough of the spaghetti squash left over in the skillet that you can reuse one of the shells.  

Next time I want to try this recipe with just the noodles and pasta sauce. It was different than what I would normally choose but everyone seemed to like it. Thank you Ashleigh for the recipe!

December Goals

December 2, 2013

Have you heard of Asheejojo? If not you need to check out her blog! I love reading the different recipes, weekly recaps, and races she does. One thing she does each month is make up three goals that she wants to accomplish each month. I love that idea and think it is a great idea to keep yourself accountable to finish what you started. So, I am starting now and making up any number of things I want to accomplish each month. First I will start with something do-able such as three things:

1. Run a race other than a half marathon

My races are mainly half marathons because of my 26 before 26 goal but I want to branch out and try shorter distances and run them faster. I am thinking of running either a 5k, 10k, or 10 mile run during the month of December.

2. Cook or bake a new dish

I love food but I am horrible at cooking and baking. I tried making pumpkin bread a couple months ago and messed up the recipe two times before asking for help. I have made manicotti too but usually the noodles end up overcooked. I made something new (successfully!) this past weekend but it will be another blog post. It takes time but I am slowly learning. 

3. Work on strength and ab training

During my last training cycle I ran every other day and the weekend, did cross training two days a week, and had one day off. By the time cross training days came I would be tired from everything going on that I would opt for yoga, swimming, or just something easy that I could do quickly and mark off the schedule. I want to work on my full body strength a lot more during this month.
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