What's next. Marathon high. And a race photo

November 21, 2013

I'm here! I'm still alive!

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my last post! I loved reading them all. You guys are awesome.

After I finished the marathon on Sunday I immediately took an ice bath. Even though I felt like I was shocking my body all over again, I had little to no muscle soreness afterwards. I had a few aches and pains the next day but nothing that an ice pack couldn't take care of. The rest of this week I have been busy with tests and work and trying to get in enough sleep as I can. I am (trying to) staying strong until this weekend knowing I can sleep as much as I want!

When I was running I didn't realize how gross I was. With sweat, water, gatorade, and other fluids all over me I have never felt so gross! I am always the one that dresses up on any occasion whether it is school or running an errand and I think that it why I love running so much- because I can be completely uncomfortable while loving what I do. One of my favorite race photos shows just how tired and hot I was. Once I crossed the finish line I threw my hands up realizing I accomplished my goal of running 26.2 miles at 20 years old.

Also after the race I thought I would be starving but oddly I had no appetite for two days. I ate small things, knowing my body needed food, but I couldn't stomach meals. I was just really thirsty. But don't worry, my appetite is back now. 

Before I even ran the marathon I had numerous questions of what I would do next. One and done, right? No way! With dreams of qualifying for Boston, I have a lot of work to do. I have thirty minutes to shave off my time. So, I did what all crazy, fanatic runners do and I signed up for another marathon. On April 27th I will be running the Oklahoma City Marathon with my dad and older sister. I am crossing my fingers for better weather conditions and hoping my time will be under four hours. It might take me a few years to get to Boston but that is my biggest dream and I don't give up on dreams. 

For now I am enjoying resting, feasting, and a marathon high. It takes four weeks for the body to fully repair itself after a marathon which means no running for a little while. After two weeks I will start cross training again and then build back up for my next marathon. 


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