Sweet Surprises

November 27, 2013

My posts haven't mentioned running in awhile because I haven't been running. I'm taking a full two weeks off from all exercise to give my body a break from these past five months of hard training. I'm looking forward to Monday when I can start working out again! Besides a full day of classes on Monday, I have the rest of the week off of classes. It's a nice break!

Today I'm sharing a few things that have made me smile in the past couple of weeks. The pictures are each of the points below.

1. When I began playing my flute in the orchestra at my church I was the youngest person. Of course, that means I was nervous and self conscious as all the other flutists were much better than me. I kept playing and practicing hoping to be as good as the others. There was one flutist who always told me I was out of tune which isn't something you want to hear week after week. But there was another flutist named Darlene who was sweet and welcoming. After a few years of becoming friends Darlene told me she was moving. I literally cried. Thankfully we still keep up with each other. Last week Darlene sent me the sweetest note encouraging me during race week and she included an Itunes card for race music. I was so excited to get her letter! And since I know you read this blog, thank you so much Darlene I miss you bunches!

2. My neighbor sent me different mix- ins to go in my water that help with recovery. The heat at the marathon was awful awful and a lot of people were cramping up and dehydrated. My neighbor was worried about my recovery after the marathon. I'm not sure all the facts about them but I have tried both and liked them.

3. Also, I got this FREE tank top! I always apply for a bunch of blog giveaways but I am the type that applies and gets nothing. A couple weeks ago I entered a giveaway knowing I probably wouldn't win (got to get my mind ready for disappointment) from Katie's blog and WON. I was jumping with joy. I actually won something! Thank you Katie! You have no idea how excited I was to find out I was the winner.

4. And lastly, I am featured on Kristy's blog today. You can check out what I wrote at    http://runawaybridalplanner.blogspot.com/

That's all for now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Fun! And, good for you for taking a break and recovery from 26.2. Your body will thank you :) Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Sara!

    1. It's nice to take a break but I miss running! Thank you Erin! Happy thanksgiving :)

  2. So happy to hear you are happy and enjoying recovery!! I find the rest days after races so so hard! I wanted to take 2 weeks off of all exercise, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it and started running again after the first week... I just have a hard time "eating tonsss" and not "workingout"! bahh I hate that feeling!!
    Do you have any tips? Have you changed your eating plan at all or found that in just the week off you are losing muscle/putting on weight? I tell myself it doesn't matter AT ALL and it is GOOD for my body to put on some weight (meaning it is healing itself)... but it still scares me!!
    Anyways, congrats again on the race and glad you are taking time off! :)

  3. Sometimes it's hard because I just want to get out and run! But the break from working out is good especially since I overtrained for a couple weeks during training. I put my body through a lot so I know resting is good. Plus it is only two weeks of rest. I still eat the same amount. I love food! Haha. Did you hear about that one marathoner who gains 5-10 pounds during the off season to change it into muscle when he starts training again? Recovery and eating is important.

    I know a lady who had an eating disorder while she was around our age (20s) who ran marathons and even qualified for Boston multiple times. Her eating disorder didn't affect her while she was young but she ended up getting an injury and now she is early 40s and can't run over 4 miles.

    You do NOT need to worry about your weight!! Just think about what your body is capable of and how it needs the nutrients to be able to do everything you want it to. Stay strong girly. And thank you!!


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