Swag Bag

November 22, 2013

Expos are fun. Free stuff is more fun. While at the marathon expo last Saturday I bought a few things and received a bunch of free stuff. Here is what was inside:

Rock 'n' Roll race t-shirt
Race bib and gear check in tabs
I Rocked car decals 
Canadian Farms granola
Larabar's in different flavors
Multigrain chips

Brooks Rock 'n' Roll running jacket
Spibelt in pink
Gu chomps
Salt tablets

I bought the Spibelt because I didn't want to run in my huge fuel belt but my shorts pocket is too small for two bags of Gu. The Spibelt was perfect size and never bounced. I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it! And you bet the "I rocked 26.2" is on my car. 

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