Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Nineteen

November 9, 2013

This week has been pretty normal, just a bunch of easy runs and cross training. I had a 6 miler planned for this weekend but had to nanny yesterday evening and all day today. I had planned to either run late afternoon today or tomorrow morning but decided to go ahead and get my run over with so I can relax all day tomorrow and not worry about getting a run in. That was a good decision. My new running shoes came in yesterday! I ran in them for today's 6 miler and they felt great! I will post more about them next week. Here is a quick recap of week nineteen:

Monday: 45 minute easy run// 9.39 pace// 4.79 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// indoor bike for 30 minutes

Wednesday: Tempo B run// no Garmin

Thursday: Cross training// yoga for 30 minutes

Friday: 30 minute easy run// 9.45 pace// 3.09 miles

Saturday: 6 mile run// 9.05 pace

One more week to go!!!

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