Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Eighteen

November 3, 2013

I'm here! I'm still alive! I normally don't post on Sundays but I also normally don't go five days without a blog post so here is to trying new things. Between school, working, training, and family time it has been a fun and busy week. Here is a quick recap of last weeks training.

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 min easy run// 9.30 pace// 4.74 miles

I ran with my mom on this run. We didn't go until later in the afternoon which is hard because by late afternoon I am pretty much done with the day. It was fun having a running buddy.

Tuesday: Cross training// swam laps for 1200m

I had a morning class then Anna and I went to swim at the gym. My hardest test was on Wednesday of last week so I spent the rest of the day studying.

Wednesday: Tempo B run// 9.29 pace// 5.17 miles

My training schedule has switched to a tempo B run which is 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes jogging, 2 sets of 10 minutes fast run and 2 minutes recovery jog, 5 minutes jogging, 5 minutes walking. I switched my Garmin training screen to show current pace and it had me at 7 minute miles! Yes for only 10 minutes but it was 7 minute miles! First set of 10 mins fast: 7.11 pace, second set of 10 mins fast: 7.05 pace.

Thursday: Cross training// yoga for 40 minutes

I skipped my morning class, slept in, and took an easy cross training day of yoga. We don't do anything special for halloween besides pass out candy but this year my mom, sister, and I headed over to the house I nanny for and helped with the kids trick or treating. It was so cute!

Friday: 32 min easy run

This was definitely supposed to be a 40 minute easy run but running in the cold at 5am sometimes leads to shorter runs. My mom and Anna wanted to have a shopping day so I ran early to enjoy the afternoon and not stress about when to get my run in. School all day then shopping.

Saturday: Rest day

I moved my run to Sunday because I wouldn't have been able to fit in a run. I nannied for most of the day then went to church and out to dinner with my family.

Sunday: 8 mile run// 9.03 pace

Week eighteen is finished! Next weekend is a similar week ending with a six mile run then it is race week. I hope you had a great weekend. See you here tomorrow!


  1. I looked at your marathon training plan for the first time and am impressed that speed work is included in the taper! I didn't know about doing speed work during the taper period until my 3rd marathon. And good job with the ~7:00 pace sets!! If I did that, I would be umm...lying on the ground haha.

    1. Me neither. I figure it's my first marathon so if something goes wrong I will learn from this one... then run twenty more. Thanks! Haha I remembered to foam roll and stretch!


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