Goals and Miles

November 13, 2013

Let's talk goals. I made a list of my top four goals for the marathon.

1. Finish. Overall I will be happy just to finish.
2. Stop at every water/gatorade table. Take gu/gels every 4 miles. I really want to stay focused on fueling correctly during the marathon.
3. Keep running and never give up no matter how hard it gets.
4. Have fun! I've trained a long time for this one race. I want to do well but I also want to have fun and enjoy running 26.2 miles. If that's something to enjoy..

Sophie from Life's Philosophie wrote on her blog about dedicating the last 6.2 miles of her marathon to different people who mean something to her. I love her idea so I decided that I will dedicate the last miles of my race too.

Mile 20 
This mile goes out to my friends who have been supportive of my decision of becoming anti-social in order to chase my dreams. I kid about being anti-social but I did have to pass up late nights in order to catch up on sleep or to get ready for the next days 5am alarm.

Mile 21
All of you who have blog comments, have emailed me different training tips, and who read my blog. Thanks guys!

Mile 22
I dedicate this one to those at the Boston Marathon. My sister and I were anxiously waiting to hear how all the runners did. Once we heard of the tragedy our hearts hurt. I can't imagine what going through that day must have been like. I will run for those who can't. 

Mile 23
My family who have been so important! They never stopped being supportive and encouraging throughout my whole training cycle. My mom made most of my meals, does my laundry, put up with my "hangry" side, and so much more. One Saturday morning a few weeks ago when I took the weekend off from running to get over overtraining I was upset I couldn't run but my mom took me on a girls day to the mall. My oldest sister called every Saturday morning to make sure I finished my long run for the week, sent me extra Gu, and listened when I would call her and need to talk. My second older sister encouraged me, kept up with my blog, and told me I was inspiring. My youngest sister gets the next mile.. And I know they will all be cheering me on from afar.

Mile 24
My younger sister Kathleen. I know she is family and is included in mile 23 but she is my masseuse, my ice bath buddy, my second cook, and my best friend. She has been so patient with me during times when I have been irritable. I hate cooking so when I would be hungry and didn't know what to eat she would fix us a snack and sometimes made my lunch. (I promise I'm not lazy!). She would massage my calves when they were tight. And she always helps when I put racing outfits together.

Mile 25
My dad means so much to me. He is always more than happy to come to my races. He has helped me and gave me tips during my training cycle since he knows different things from training for his first marathon two years ago. I'm dedicating mile 25 to my dad who will be riding a road bike along the course cheering me on for over 4 hours. Sunday is his birthday and he will be spending his birthday supporting me!

Mile 26.2
After 5 long months, multiple 5am runs, sometimes late night cross training, through the tears and the sweat, I am dedicating the last part of the race to myself. And I think after all that, I deserve it.

Less than 4 days!


  1. I found your blog through the IDEA Inspired Bloggers Facebook page. Good luck on your upcoming marathon and have fun! I also love that idea of dedicating miles to important people in your life. Very cool :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited!

      Thanks for commenting Hailey! Can't wait to check out your blog.

  2. I love this :) Good luck on Sunday, Sara!! I'll be cheering for you from Washington, D.C. I have no doubt you'll have the time of your life this weekend. I can't wait to hear about it!

    1. Thank you Madelynne!! You're so sweet :) I am so excited/nervous but I can't wait!

  3. So awesome! Love this idea and am going to do the same at my next big race. Best of luck this weekend, girl! Sending big cheers from Minnesota! :)

    1. How cool! All the credit goes to Sophie :) Thanks a bunch Erin!!

  4. What a fantastic idea!! Such a great way to keep your family and encouragers on the forefront of your mind to push you in those last tough miles. I bet your family and friends are so excited to know you'll be thinking of them. Good luck and have a blast!! - Kaitlin

    1. I know! That's what I was thinking when I read Sophie's post. Such a great idea. Yes they are! Thank you Kaitlin!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for the great idea!! And thank you Sophie!


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