Selfies, Sister Pics, and I went on a run!

November 30, 2013

As I was looking through my phone pictures I realized I didn't get one picture of the food or table. You will just have to believe me when I say it was delicious. My dad bought a different kind of turkey this year (I don't know what it was) but it was so good. We made stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, broccoli casserole, and of course dessert. We had two different kinds of cheesecake- chocolate and lemon.

We spent most of Wednesday morning cooking. Or maybe I should say my mom spent most of the morning cooking while I studied. I have three final exams next week that I have been trying to study for but also wanting to spend most of my time with my family. My older sister and brother in law came into town that evening. We hung out for a little while then they left for their in-laws. On Thursday my family went for a run while I went over to my sisters in-laws and took their family photos. We spent the day eating, picture taking, talking, and dancing with Just Dance 4. I am thankful for selfies and sister pictures. I sure do love my family a lot.

On Friday my mom, sister, and I ran some errands. We don't shop on Black Friday but my car needed to be taken to the shop so we went to small stores and bought needed items. I also went on a run! It was more of a walk. An 11 minute per mile walk... But it felt good to get outside and get moving! I can't wait to start running normally again. Today we are decorating the house for Christmas, going to church, and going out to dinner afterwards.

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday.

Sweet Surprises

November 27, 2013

My posts haven't mentioned running in awhile because I haven't been running. I'm taking a full two weeks off from all exercise to give my body a break from these past five months of hard training. I'm looking forward to Monday when I can start working out again! Besides a full day of classes on Monday, I have the rest of the week off of classes. It's a nice break!

Today I'm sharing a few things that have made me smile in the past couple of weeks. The pictures are each of the points below.

1. When I began playing my flute in the orchestra at my church I was the youngest person. Of course, that means I was nervous and self conscious as all the other flutists were much better than me. I kept playing and practicing hoping to be as good as the others. There was one flutist who always told me I was out of tune which isn't something you want to hear week after week. But there was another flutist named Darlene who was sweet and welcoming. After a few years of becoming friends Darlene told me she was moving. I literally cried. Thankfully we still keep up with each other. Last week Darlene sent me the sweetest note encouraging me during race week and she included an Itunes card for race music. I was so excited to get her letter! And since I know you read this blog, thank you so much Darlene I miss you bunches!

2. My neighbor sent me different mix- ins to go in my water that help with recovery. The heat at the marathon was awful awful and a lot of people were cramping up and dehydrated. My neighbor was worried about my recovery after the marathon. I'm not sure all the facts about them but I have tried both and liked them.

3. Also, I got this FREE tank top! I always apply for a bunch of blog giveaways but I am the type that applies and gets nothing. A couple weeks ago I entered a giveaway knowing I probably wouldn't win (got to get my mind ready for disappointment) from Katie's blog and WON. I was jumping with joy. I actually won something! Thank you Katie! You have no idea how excited I was to find out I was the winner.

4. And lastly, I am featured on Kristy's blog today. You can check out what I wrote at

That's all for now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone posts about new shoes, what about the old ones?

November 26, 2013

Reader Jen emailed the other day saying "Everyone blogs about getting new shoes but no one ever blogs about getting rid of their old ones! I imagine your old ones are headed for the trash?" Since I have received multiple emails from people wondering where all my old shoes are I decided to clear up all the questions with a blog post.

Great question, Jen! No, I don't throw away my old shoes. Most of my old running shoes are stuffed away in my closet. With studying for school, applying for nursing school, working, training for the marathon, maintaining relationships, and being a part in the orchestra at my church, I haven't had the time lately to do much of anything. Now that training is over I have more time to put energy into old running shoes.

I keep a few pairs of old running shoes just in case I need them for hiking, mud runs, or any type of activity where I need old shoes that can be ruined. The ones that are still okay but not good for running are used as cross training shoes. The other shoes that don't fit into the above are in my closet. I may donate them. I have one pair of good ones that I run in until the miles are all used up.

I hope that answers your questions!

Lululemon: Cold Weather

November 25, 2013

Congratulations to Keri for winning A Perfect Pocket giveaway! Please email me at slaralynn6{at}gmail{dot}com. Thank you to everyone who participated! Don't forget to stop by for your own set of pockets.

As winter is fast approaching, I think cold weather must haves are necessary. I still have another week of post marathon recovery before I can think about working out again but I will be training for my upcoming spring races during these next few months of cold. New Lululemon is the perfect motivation to get up and go. 

I love all of these Lululemon cold weather running gear. Especially number five! Here are my favorites for running in cold weather!

Review and Giveaway: A Perfect Pocket

November 23, 2013

I am so excited to introduce you guys to Lesley and Lois! A few weeks ago Lesley contacted me from A Perfect Pocket telling me about their product.

"A Perfect Pocket is a one time use water-resistant pocket that sticks safely and securely to your skin for up to 24 hours. Perfect for money, ID, credit card, room key, car/house key, lipstick, pictures. Perfect for fun runs, walks, sporting events, field trips, concerts, theme parks, night clubs, water parks, beach/pool, anytime you need a safe, secure or hidden pocket. A Perfect Pocket is a simple solution for an everyday problem for runners."

Lesley sent me a sample to try out on one of my runs and I loved it! I placed random things in the pocket such as some money, hair ties, and my house key. I placed the pocket on my stomach and began running. The pocket stayed put and didn't bother me while running. The pocket is a one time use. When I was finished running I removed it from my skin and tossed it away. It was comfortable, didn't move or bother me, and held everything I wanted it to.

Lesley and Lois had such a great idea! I can already tell A Perfect Pocket will be great during training runs where I may need my house key, ID or credit card, and other items but don't have room in my running shorts.

A Perfect Pocket is a perfect stocking stuffer, small gift, Secret Santa gift, or Yankee Grab bag gift! You can buy A Perfect Pocket pack of 4 for $9.99 at

To enter the giveaway for your own perfect pocket leave a comment below and a winner will be chosen at random! For an additional entry leave another comment saying what you would place in your perfect pocket. Winner will be announced on Monday, November 25th. Good luck!

Updated: this is now a closed giveaway

Swag Bag

November 22, 2013

Expos are fun. Free stuff is more fun. While at the marathon expo last Saturday I bought a few things and received a bunch of free stuff. Here is what was inside:

Rock 'n' Roll race t-shirt
Race bib and gear check in tabs
I Rocked car decals 
Canadian Farms granola
Larabar's in different flavors
Multigrain chips

Brooks Rock 'n' Roll running jacket
Spibelt in pink
Gu chomps
Salt tablets

I bought the Spibelt because I didn't want to run in my huge fuel belt but my shorts pocket is too small for two bags of Gu. The Spibelt was perfect size and never bounced. I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it! And you bet the "I rocked 26.2" is on my car. 

What's next. Marathon high. And a race photo

November 21, 2013

I'm here! I'm still alive!

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my last post! I loved reading them all. You guys are awesome.

After I finished the marathon on Sunday I immediately took an ice bath. Even though I felt like I was shocking my body all over again, I had little to no muscle soreness afterwards. I had a few aches and pains the next day but nothing that an ice pack couldn't take care of. The rest of this week I have been busy with tests and work and trying to get in enough sleep as I can. I am (trying to) staying strong until this weekend knowing I can sleep as much as I want!

When I was running I didn't realize how gross I was. With sweat, water, gatorade, and other fluids all over me I have never felt so gross! I am always the one that dresses up on any occasion whether it is school or running an errand and I think that it why I love running so much- because I can be completely uncomfortable while loving what I do. One of my favorite race photos shows just how tired and hot I was. Once I crossed the finish line I threw my hands up realizing I accomplished my goal of running 26.2 miles at 20 years old.

Also after the race I thought I would be starving but oddly I had no appetite for two days. I ate small things, knowing my body needed food, but I couldn't stomach meals. I was just really thirsty. But don't worry, my appetite is back now. 

Before I even ran the marathon I had numerous questions of what I would do next. One and done, right? No way! With dreams of qualifying for Boston, I have a lot of work to do. I have thirty minutes to shave off my time. So, I did what all crazy, fanatic runners do and I signed up for another marathon. On April 27th I will be running the Oklahoma City Marathon with my dad and older sister. I am crossing my fingers for better weather conditions and hoping my time will be under four hours. It might take me a few years to get to Boston but that is my biggest dream and I don't give up on dreams. 

For now I am enjoying resting, feasting, and a marathon high. It takes four weeks for the body to fully repair itself after a marathon which means no running for a little while. After two weeks I will start cross training again and then build back up for my next marathon. 

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: CHECK!

November 17, 2013

$500 something = paid in new Lululemon workout clothing. $216 = paid for two pairs of Mizuno running shoes. $120 =  race entry fee. $70 = bought fuel, a new fuel belt, and other accessories. Running a marathon = priceless. 

I am so excited that I finished my first marathon this morning! The picture above can explain how I felt the entire race. I was smiling (pretty much) the whole way knowing I was finally running the race I have been training for since July. I don't even know where to start.. maybe I should start at the beginning. 

The weather was 87 degrees with high humidity. Basically, not good race weather. A few weeks ago I ran my 20 miler as a race and had in mind that I would feel the same at the marathon. Hint: I was wrong. The 20 miler was on a cold morning around 40 degrees. Weather makes a huge difference. I picked out a race outfit that would be cool and comfortable. Of course, while still being cute. I was told that fueling properly and staying hydrated was more important for this marathon than time. I had a goal time/pace in mind but I decided to let it go and focus on finishing.

My dad and younger sister came to cheer me on. My sister, Kathleen, originally was not going to be able to attend the race but she surprised me two days before and told me she was coming. I was so excited! My dad and I looked at the course map to figure out which miles they would be able to see me at. They ran all over downtown to find me at mile 2, 9, 10, and 24.

Miles one through five I planned on keeping around a 9:24 pace but they ended up being around a 9:18 pace. My goal pace overall was a 9:09 so I ran slower in the first few miles to work my way down. I am really glad I started slower because it got so hot towards the end that I know if I had started any faster I wouldn't have been able to run the whole time.

The Rock n Roll half marathon is more of the hype. People are spread out all along the first 13.1 miles cheering, holding signs, waving bells, and having a good time cheering on all the runners. It was great having support for the first half. Miles six through thirteen I kept a pretty steady pace. I took gu chomps every four miles. I took gatorade and water at every station. My paces below:

The second half has good fuel stations with plenty of gatorade and water. They handed out cold sponges, water bottles, and extra gels to take. At different points they held a hose out that everyone could run through. The heat was brutal so the water was refreshing! 

I split the race up in my head as a half marathon, 7 miles, and then the last 6 miles. My Garmin is a little off on milage only because I had to loop back for a quick bathroom break at mile 13. I brought three salt capsules to take at mile 17, 20, and 23. After I had gotten through the half marathon I focused on getting to mile 17 to take the first salt capsule. While there was still support, there weren't as many people cheering on the last few miles. It was all up to myself to keep going. With numerous people starting to walk, it would have been easy to follow but I pushed myself to run. I am glad I took the salt capsules. I didn't cramp at all, never hit a wall, and I didn't have to walk it out besides through all the aid stations to get in enough liquids. 

At mile twenty we ran along a path for six miles with no trees and the sun came out. I felt my pace start dropping from a 9:03 to a 9:15. I focused on those who I dedicated my miles to. It helped pass each mile. At mile twenty four I saw my dad and Kathleen. At that point I was tired, bored of the scene, and I was ready for the finish line. I told them "this is stupid." They ran with me for a little bit and encouraged me to keep going. It was great to see them! I kept repeating to myself "two more miles, two more miles. you have got this." More aid stations and gu chomps later I finally made it to the last stretch. I pushed it in and finished in 4:05. 

Goal time: 4:10

Chip time: 4:05:15


Thank you so much Dad and Kathleen for supporting me! I know how hard that was to run around for four hours and I can't tell you how much that means to me to see you guys along the course and to know you were there for me. Thank you to my dad's friend, Scott, who helped me pre race as I was so nervous. Thank you to all the volunteers for all your help and encouragement. Thank you to all of you guys who texted, commented on my blog and Instagram with good lucks! And thank you Jenny Hadfield for the perfect training plan. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Finishing the marathon has made me feel that nothing is impossible. I had so much fun this morning and can't wait until my next marathon! Rock on!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: The Expo

November 15, 2013

It's here it's here! No not the race, the next exciting thing... the expo! 

The vendors, the samples, the packet pickup, the cutest and most expensive clothing. It is all so exciting that the event deserves its own post. Most of the half marathons and other races that I do don't have an expo because they are too small of an event. I just show up the morning of the race, grab my bib number, and run. I have been looking forward to the Rock n Roll expo ever since I began training.

My dad and sister came with me to walk around the expo. Jamba Juice, Clif Bar, and other fueling stations were set up with free samples. We made sure to grab one (or two) of everything. The expo has a video screen that takes you through the course. I made sure to write down where all the hills are at. We also looked at the Garmin table which had the Garmin I wanted. I made sure my dad had a good look at it so he can purchase it for me for Christmas ;)

I will have a post next week about all the things I got with my swag bag and what I purchased. I ended up buying a Rock 'N' Roll marathon Brooks jacket, some new Gu chomps since I ran out, salt tablets, and a spi belt to hold the fuel.

Next up, the 26.2 mile race. I'll see you at the finish line!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Twenty

This is it! I just finished week 20 of 20. This week I have been focusing on eating right, getting plenty of rest, and taking my runs slow. The weather for race day is warmer than I expected so I am still working on the perfect race day outfit. It has to follow the most important rule- be cute and comfortable. Here is the very last recap of training:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 40 minute run// 9.24 pace// 4.25 miles

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 30 minute run on treadmill// 3ish miles

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 20 minute run// 9.23 pace// 2.13 miles

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: RACE DAY

This afternoon my dad, Kathleen, and I are going to the expo for packet pick up and we are all looking forward to that. Bring it on 26.2!!

Goals and Miles

November 13, 2013

Let's talk goals. I made a list of my top four goals for the marathon.

1. Finish. Overall I will be happy just to finish.
2. Stop at every water/gatorade table. Take gu/gels every 4 miles. I really want to stay focused on fueling correctly during the marathon.
3. Keep running and never give up no matter how hard it gets.
4. Have fun! I've trained a long time for this one race. I want to do well but I also want to have fun and enjoy running 26.2 miles. If that's something to enjoy..

Sophie from Life's Philosophie wrote on her blog about dedicating the last 6.2 miles of her marathon to different people who mean something to her. I love her idea so I decided that I will dedicate the last miles of my race too.

Mile 20 
This mile goes out to my friends who have been supportive of my decision of becoming anti-social in order to chase my dreams. I kid about being anti-social but I did have to pass up late nights in order to catch up on sleep or to get ready for the next days 5am alarm.

Mile 21
All of you who have blog comments, have emailed me different training tips, and who read my blog. Thanks guys!

Mile 22
I dedicate this one to those at the Boston Marathon. My sister and I were anxiously waiting to hear how all the runners did. Once we heard of the tragedy our hearts hurt. I can't imagine what going through that day must have been like. I will run for those who can't. 

Mile 23
My family who have been so important! They never stopped being supportive and encouraging throughout my whole training cycle. My mom made most of my meals, does my laundry, put up with my "hangry" side, and so much more. One Saturday morning a few weeks ago when I took the weekend off from running to get over overtraining I was upset I couldn't run but my mom took me on a girls day to the mall. My oldest sister called every Saturday morning to make sure I finished my long run for the week, sent me extra Gu, and listened when I would call her and need to talk. My second older sister encouraged me, kept up with my blog, and told me I was inspiring. My youngest sister gets the next mile.. And I know they will all be cheering me on from afar.

Mile 24
My younger sister Kathleen. I know she is family and is included in mile 23 but she is my masseuse, my ice bath buddy, my second cook, and my best friend. She has been so patient with me during times when I have been irritable. I hate cooking so when I would be hungry and didn't know what to eat she would fix us a snack and sometimes made my lunch. (I promise I'm not lazy!). She would massage my calves when they were tight. And she always helps when I put racing outfits together.

Mile 25
My dad means so much to me. He is always more than happy to come to my races. He has helped me and gave me tips during my training cycle since he knows different things from training for his first marathon two years ago. I'm dedicating mile 25 to my dad who will be riding a road bike along the course cheering me on for over 4 hours. Sunday is his birthday and he will be spending his birthday supporting me!

Mile 26.2
After 5 long months, multiple 5am runs, sometimes late night cross training, through the tears and the sweat, I am dedicating the last part of the race to myself. And I think after all that, I deserve it.

Less than 4 days!

New Mizunos

November 12, 2013

When I began training, I ran in Mizuno Wave Riders. I noticed a lot of running bloggers all training for marathons were running in the Wave Elixirs. I decided to try them out and love them. They are lightweight for racing but have support for high training/ racing mileage.

Last week I wrote about needing a new pair of running shoes. You probably can't spot the difference between the two pairs (hint: the new ones are on the right) but based on how they felt I knew my old ones were starting to become run down. I was looking forward to updating my Mizuno Wave Elixir 8s to the pink pair but unfortunately none were available in stores or on the website I ordered them off of so... I had to settle for the exact same shoe. Maybe I will look for some bright orange laces to make them cooler.

The runners guidelines say to purchase new running shoes after 300-500 miles. I haven't checked how many miles are on my first pair but I had them for a little over 3 months and they didn't feel good. With the marathon coming up I didn't want to run on shoes that hurt my feet. A quick online purchase and overnight shipping later my shoes came in!

Now I can feel a little more prepared for my marathon in 5 days.

The Other Half Of Training

November 11, 2013

This is the other half of training.. At the halfway mark (10 out of 20 weeks) in my marathon training cycle I wrote a post about 10 things I had learned from training. You can find the post here. As I was re-reading the things I wrote I realized that everything that I had learned from the "easy" half of training were the same as if I was going to write for the "hard" half of training. I am still hungry all the time, I still think support groups are very important, and it still took a lot of time.

The first few weekend long runs were building up from 5 miles all the way to 12 miles. I say that is the easy part because I have been running for a long time and 12 miles didn't seem that big of a deal after I have run multiple half marathons. The hard part was building up from 12 miles all the way to 20 miles. I loved every minute of pushing myself to run further but training wasn't always perfect. While some weeks didn't work out the way I wanted them to, I got through all most of the runs.

That brings me to the ups and downs of the other half of training. The good thing about blogging is that I write down everything so rather than write a post about each thing I will link up to different posts I wrote:

Here is a post on my first day of training

Some posts if you want to read about my most exciting weeks which include:  week eleven, the fourteen milerthe 16 miler, the 20 mile race

In the middle of training I overtrained for almost a month before realizing what the problem was. While I tried to stay optimistic, there were a few blog posts that I was frustrated. Read this post, or this post, or even this post. 

If you want to read about that one time my sister and I split a family casserole read this post. 

It has been fun at times (like when I got to run 20 miles with hundreds of other people) and hard at other times (when I would be so stressed/ tired that I cried at school) but I got through it. I learned a lot and I know I am more prepared for my next marathon. Yep, I haven't even run one and I already have the date of my next marathon! If I had to say one thing that I learned from training for my first marathon it would be that I can accomplish anything, big or small, if I set my mind to it.

And with that, my training cycle is slowly coming to a close.

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Nineteen

November 9, 2013

This week has been pretty normal, just a bunch of easy runs and cross training. I had a 6 miler planned for this weekend but had to nanny yesterday evening and all day today. I had planned to either run late afternoon today or tomorrow morning but decided to go ahead and get my run over with so I can relax all day tomorrow and not worry about getting a run in. That was a good decision. My new running shoes came in yesterday! I ran in them for today's 6 miler and they felt great! I will post more about them next week. Here is a quick recap of week nineteen:

Monday: 45 minute easy run// 9.39 pace// 4.79 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// indoor bike for 30 minutes

Wednesday: Tempo B run// no Garmin

Thursday: Cross training// yoga for 30 minutes

Friday: 30 minute easy run// 9.45 pace// 3.09 miles

Saturday: 6 mile run// 9.05 pace

One more week to go!!!

Training Updates

November 7, 2013

Do you see that picture? I have 5 more training run days, 1 more cross training day, and 10 more days before the marathon. At first I thought I was tapering too long but now it seems like the days are passing too quickly. After training for over 140 days, all of my training is coming down to the final stretch.

I knew I needed a new pair of running shoes before the marathon but I thought "hey, why don't I wait until the last minute to start thinking of buying some." This morning I was calling different running stores to see which ones carried the Mizuno Wave Elixir 8s and you know what they said? They are back ordered and won't be expecting them in stores for another month. I was panicking! I know I can't run the marathon in the shoes I already own because they hurt my feet. I was calling so many running stores that I got to the point of one store owner saying I had just called them. Luckily the store owner was nice and told me different options of shipping or being refit for different shoes but I didn't want to do that. I quickly called my older sister and asked her what I should do and she told me to just order them overnight from Running Warehouse. So I did. And my Mizuno's are on their way to my house as I type this. Everything is good now.

My sister reminded me there is no need to worry. Everything will come together. Luckily I didn't reach any of the other stages of tapering but maybe panicking should be added in there. And now for some training updates of this week.

[T R A I N I N G  U P D A T E S] 

Monday - 45 minute easy run at a 9.39 pace.

Tuesday - Cross training. I did the stationary bike for 30 minutes.

Wednesday- Tempo B run. This is two sets of 10 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow. Beginning and ending with 5 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of running. I had class all day then nannying until late so I ran early in the morning. I am not sure pace or distance since I didn't take my Garmin.

Thursday- I have yet to do my cross training for today but I am thinking some yoga.

Welcome Anna From Anna Tris

November 5, 2013

Last Sunday my oldest sister, Anna, completed her first half ironman. That is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. Crazy but awesome! I was unable to attend her race so I thought why don't I bring her race to me? Enjoy a recap of her training and race!

Hey guys, I am Anna- a now half ironman! I am going to give you an abbreviated race recap from last Sunday. The full recap is up on my blog.

I have been training for the past 8 months and I have never felt so prepared for a race. I decided early on that if I was going to take on this race I would need some help. I found a girl I used to know in Texas and I hired her, she is an endurance/triathlete coach. I know that without her direction and encouragement I wouldn't have made it through some of the training workouts. Last Sunday the day was finally here and I was a nervous wreck!

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:45am and started getting ready. I ate a banana, almond butter and drank coffee before heading out the door. We arrived at the run transition at 6:45am before it closed at 7:15am. I quickly put my run items at my run spot and hopped on the bus to the bike transition. I arrived at my bike transition at 7:05am and very quickly double checked everything and put my hydration on my bike. I didn't like feeling so rushed through my set up but traffic was terrible getting into the park so I did the best I could. 

7:20am: I made it to the bathroom line, waited, and was done and ready to warm up by 7:30am. 

7:30am: I had my pre race music loaded and started to listen to it while warming up my arms, no pre race swimming allowed. The time started ticking away and they slowly started the swim by waves. My wave didn't take off until 8:25am. 

7:50am: started to get a little nervous, the hubs was on the bus trying to get to the lake. I was so worried he wouldn't make it, yes I realize he had over 30 minutes to get there but I was nervous wreck. Finally my dad, brother in law, and Jake all showed up. 

8:25 time to start, this was the best open water swim I have had! I did not feel anxious at all. The swim took me 36:59 minutes, I was happy with this, my goal was 35min.

I took off on my bike ride and prepared for 56 miles without seeing my support team! I settled in and made sure I had my watch set so that I could properly fuel every 15min. I had zero flats along the course and made my way through it without any problems. I finished my bike in 3:30min. I saw Jake first coming into the bike/ run transition. My brother in law was a little ways in front of him and my dad was at the dismount line. The cheering fired me up!! I found my run gear, with a little searching, and changed my shoes, etc. 

I made a bathroom stop and was on my way, the final 13.1 miles!! The run was a three loop run which gave me 3 times to see everyone. First lap went okay, felt pretty good. I ran through the main area and saw my support team then it was back out. Second lap, stomach acted up and dealt with some painful cramping, I was able to walk it out for about 30 seconds. I started to really feel the hills on this second loop but kept pushing, only walking through the aid stations. Again, made it back through and saw Jake, dad and brother in law. One final lap to go...I was ready. I kept the same speed and made my way out. The last two miles were a total mind game, I wanted to be done. My legs were tired, and I just wanted to cross that finish line.

I finally made it to the chute, I was so excited. I saw my coach and friend on one side and Jake and my brother in law on the other. My dad was cheering me on outside and had not made it to the final chute yet. I crossed the finish line in 6 hours and 41minutes, including transitions. I was excited, exhausted and relieved. I couldn't believe I had made it!! They gave out a sweet medal and finisher hat at the finish line.

Thanks for letting me guest post!

Life Lately

November 4, 2013

 I meant to write posts each day last week but something always came up and I ended up not posting at all. I  also didn't take many pictures. Sorry for being a bad blogger! Saturday afternoon my whole family went to church together. Usually it is rare seeing us all together. I love having all my sisters together, I have probably said that multiple times but it is true. The pictures are from then.

I found the boots I am wearing at Nordstrom while shopping with my mom and Anna on Friday. While shopping I saw a lady with adorable riding boots on and asked where she found hers. Hers were Ralph Lauren and cost about $1000. I loved them but not enough to spend that much. I already own a pair of brown boots but they have a heel and are more fancy. I have been looking for the riding boot for a year now and was so excited when I stumbled across these!

Can you believe I have less than 14 days until my first marathon? Lately I have been doing some running... this taper thing is weird. I did a recap of training that I posted yesterday. My run this weekend was eight miles. I don't count the last week as a training week because it is just short runs with rest days. I have this last week of taper then it is race week! I have been working on my playlist which I will post when I finish organizing four hours worth of music.

When I first started this blog a few months ago I didn't know anything about blogging. I also didn't think anyone would read it. Having too much time on my hands last semester meant creating a new hobby that I am enjoying. Last week Share The Fit tweeted me and said that my blog was added to their website. I had not heard of them before so I went to check it out. Sure enough Run Sara Run was added to their list! Share The Fit keeps all different types of fitness blogs organized onto their website. They are a new website and are under construction as they work on finishing up the site. I am so excited to be a part of Share The Fit! I already added the badge to my blog on the bottom left.

I haven't gotten in my run yet but I a 45 minute run on the schedule for this afternoon. That catches you up until now. Later this week Anna's guest post about her half ironman will be up and also a style post featuring my new boots! 

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Eighteen

November 3, 2013

I'm here! I'm still alive! I normally don't post on Sundays but I also normally don't go five days without a blog post so here is to trying new things. Between school, working, training, and family time it has been a fun and busy week. Here is a quick recap of last weeks training.

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 min easy run// 9.30 pace// 4.74 miles

I ran with my mom on this run. We didn't go until later in the afternoon which is hard because by late afternoon I am pretty much done with the day. It was fun having a running buddy.

Tuesday: Cross training// swam laps for 1200m

I had a morning class then Anna and I went to swim at the gym. My hardest test was on Wednesday of last week so I spent the rest of the day studying.

Wednesday: Tempo B run// 9.29 pace// 5.17 miles

My training schedule has switched to a tempo B run which is 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes jogging, 2 sets of 10 minutes fast run and 2 minutes recovery jog, 5 minutes jogging, 5 minutes walking. I switched my Garmin training screen to show current pace and it had me at 7 minute miles! Yes for only 10 minutes but it was 7 minute miles! First set of 10 mins fast: 7.11 pace, second set of 10 mins fast: 7.05 pace.

Thursday: Cross training// yoga for 40 minutes

I skipped my morning class, slept in, and took an easy cross training day of yoga. We don't do anything special for halloween besides pass out candy but this year my mom, sister, and I headed over to the house I nanny for and helped with the kids trick or treating. It was so cute!

Friday: 32 min easy run

This was definitely supposed to be a 40 minute easy run but running in the cold at 5am sometimes leads to shorter runs. My mom and Anna wanted to have a shopping day so I ran early to enjoy the afternoon and not stress about when to get my run in. School all day then shopping.

Saturday: Rest day

I moved my run to Sunday because I wouldn't have been able to fit in a run. I nannied for most of the day then went to church and out to dinner with my family.

Sunday: 8 mile run// 9.03 pace

Week eighteen is finished! Next weekend is a similar week ending with a six mile run then it is race week. I hope you had a great weekend. See you here tomorrow!
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