It's hard.

October 4, 2013

So..  I have missed a few days of posts. I had a huge test this morning that I have been studying for all week and I also took a break from posting because I haven't been feeling strong during my running. If I had posted it would just be me being frustrated rather than my usual positive self. 

I have overtraining symptoms (tired, sore legs, etc) but I have been working on getting over it. There is an article I found that was "eat yourself out of overtraining." It has meal ideas for two breakfasts, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. 
-- Tuesday was cross training. I did an ab workout with my sister, Kathleen. We did thirty minutes of planks, sit ups, and different moves to work every part of our abs. 

--Wednesday I had a tempo run. This was the first tempo run and it is the same run the next six weeks. I didn't take it super fast. 

  •  5 minute walk 
  • 10 minute jog
  • then four sets of 5 minutes run fast, 2 minutes run slow. 
  • 10 minute jog followed by a 5 minute walk. 
The rest of my day consisted of class, studying, and then orchestra rehearsal. 

--Thursday I had a morning class then worked nine hours so I skipped a workout since I didn't get home until late. 

I was reading another blog that talked about how we should not put pressure on ourselves for different races because there is always another race- I may have already talked to my older sister about running another marathon in March. I sometimes forget that I run because I love it. I signed up and have been training for this marathon since July because I want to, not because I have to. 

I have a thirty minute easy run scheduled for this afternoon. Then, I have a 16 miler planned for tomorrow that I am making up from two weeks ago. 


  1. I googled "eat yourself out of overtraining" after reading this post. Thanks for sharing that tidbit! And yes, marathon training is hard, but that's what makes it worth it ;)

    1. No problem! I'm glad someone else could find it useful :) Totally!!

  2. You can combine Breakfast 1 and Breakfast 2 by making refrigerator oatmeal with Greek yogurt. That's my breakfast on the go. I like to make it with oatmeal, quinoa, yogurt, and berries. Yum! It gives me lots of energy, too.

    1. I tried what you said this morning and LOVED it!! I mixed yogurt and oatmeal with berries and it was delicious. Thanks for the good idea!


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