Weekend Favorites: Falling for Fall

October 7, 2013

I made sure to take my phone with me everywhere this weekend so I could have lots of pictures for my weekend favorites. This weekend was one of my favorites! Probably because of my long run but also because I spent it with my favorite people- my family.


Friday was mostly spent on campus. I had class all day then went to the mall afterwards. When I came home I had a thirty minute run to do. My sister and I were in charge of getting the groceries so later on we made a trip of it. You know fall is here when pumpkins are everywhere. I didn't get pictures but Kathleen made the both of us pasta with salads for dinner. Afterwards was ice cream time. So yummy! We took an ice bath, relaxed, and I got my clothes out and mapped my route for my long run on Saturday.


I woke up early Saturday morning so I could have a protein drink and eat apple slices before the planned 16 miler. I made a route the night before so I could do a 10 mile loop throughout the neighborhoods that I live by. I had set out a water bottle in my driveway so that after 10 miles I could loop back to my house, stop for a quick water break, and drop off my fuel belt before my next loop. I saw a piece of paper underneath the water bottle that read "Go Sara! I love you. Love Dad." I loved it! Then I made a 6 mile loop. After three weeks of doubting my abilities to complete longer runs, Saturday's long run left me feeling so much more confident about my training. I think I annoyed my family talking about how awesome it was. Sorry guys ;) I napped for a little while then got ready for orchestra rehearsal and church. After church was pizza and movie night. While ordering the pizza my sister and I may have accidentally added 64 bread bites rather than 32... but don't worry, I didn't waste anything.

I also received the sweetest comment from Madelynne that read:

"I just have to say you make me feel so NORMAL. I've done plenty of crying this season over feeling weak and my horrible training season. I love reading about your journey and the proactive steps you've been taking to feel stronger. You're such an inspiration! Glad you had a strong 16 miler today and I'll pray you have plenty more :)"

Thank you for your sweet words Madelynne! You made my day! Training is hard and having people who support you through the ups and the downs definitely helps. 


Sunday is my rest day. I had to go back to my campus to check on my microbiology lab specimens. My sister came with me so we could stop at Starbucks and try out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes that everyone talks about. It was pretty good and we understood why everyone loves it. The rest of my Sunday was spent studying for upcoming tests and quizzes that I have this week.

I hope you had a great weekend as well! If you haven't tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte yet you probably need to jump on it.


  1. That note from your dad was SUPER cute! Looks like you had a great weekend and I'm glad I could help in a small way :) And 64 bread bites? Haha. Your body probably wanted them after the 16 miler!

    1. It made me smile :) I did and yes, thanks Madelynne! Haha! Totally.


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