October 18, 2013

In just two days I will be running 20 miles! I am so excited but also very nervous. I will be using Sunday mornings race as a training run and also as a race to test my endurance and speed from these past few months of training. This will be my longest run and my last long run before the marathon!

These past few days have been exhausting. I have felt great on my runs but mentally wiped out. My older sister is the best at encouragement and support since she is also training for an endurance race and knows how tough training can be. I texted her the other day and this is what she told me.... I will shorten it ;)

"This is where it turns more mental than physical. This is where you have to push through and visualize your goal... When training gets hard you have to rearrange your thinking. Right now think about the fun 20 mile race you are going to do. It is a prep race but it is fun because you will see how your training has helped you.." Thanks Anna, I needed that!

Wednesday morning I woke up ready for my tempo run. I was going to try out my dads Garmin which is newer than mine and lately my Garmin hasn't been working properly. I thought I knew how to work the Garmin but when I pressed the start button nothing happened. It was 5am which is not the ideal time to wake up my dad and figure it out. I really wanted to track my speed but had to settle on running without it.  I knew it was going to be cold but didn't expect the rain. I got through two of my speed sets when I felt something weird. [if you hate blood don't read this] I reached up to my face and looked at blood every where. Shoot! A nose bleed. I made a loop back to my house and cleaned up. Then headed back out in the cold, pouring rain and finished up one more set. I didn't finish all sets since I only had an hour to run before class and lost time because of the "incident" but I finished three of the four. 5am, pouring rain, freezing temperatures, and a nose bleed... that isn't exactly the ideal run.

I will recap all my workouts later this weekend. I am offering my two cents on the Pear yoga app. Today I wanted an easier workout. I have an app on my Ipad that has a bunch of yoga videos that are all between 15-30 minutes. I have had it downloaded for a few months but have never had a chance to use it. I chose a thirty minute relaxation video and really liked it. It is a free app which is the best type of app.

That is all for now. I may not be posting on the blog for a couple of days while I focus on my mantras. Follow along Instagram for updates on my pre race outfit post and after my tune up race! @saralynnhoffman


  1. 1) Gooood luck this weekend! Hope you have a blast!
    2) Sorry to hear about the nosebleed experience. I can 100% relate. During my first attempted 20-miler of the season last summer, my nose started to bleed in the middle of a trail and I had to clean myself up in a shack. I had to wait 20 minutes to control the bleeding. It was raining too!
    3) Definitely going to download the pear yoga app. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Madelynne!! Haha oh gosh that sounds terrible. At least it is not just me. You will love the app!


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