Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Seventeen

October 26, 2013

Week seventeen of training is finished! I had my last double digit run this morning of ten miles. The next two weekends are eight miles then six miles then race week. It definitely feels weird to go from hard training for four months and finally be on the downhill part. Here is a quick recap of this past weeks training:

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: cross training// yoga for 30 mins

Wednesday: 50 min easy run// 5.08 miles// 9.30 pace

Thursday: cross training// weight circuit for 30 mins

Friday: yoga for 15 mins

Saturday: 10 mile run// 9.45 pace

This week was a total of fifteen miles which is much different from last week which was some where over 30 miles. I had a twenty mile race last weekend so I kept it easier this week to recover even if that meant skipping a few running days.

Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. ah taper time... drives me crazy! hopefully you don't get as crazy as I do! haha

    1. Let's see.. I've cried more this past week than I have all year. Yup, I think the taper is getting to me.

    2. Ah no! Emotional changes = taper success.

    3. You mean I am tapering successfully or the taper is succeeding in taking me down?

    4. Oh whoops, definitely tapering successfully! ;)


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