Recovery Essentials (As Brought To You By Me)

October 23, 2013

Whether you have just run a mile or a marathon there are some injury preventative, recovery essentials that are a must in the runners world. Most people want to recover quickly but don't want to take the time to do so. I know this because I am one of those "most people" type of people. After a race I just want to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Sleep is important, but if you don't want to experience soreness the next day then you have got to start using your recovery essentials. What are recovery essentials? I am about to get to that. 

I finished my long run on Sunday morning and felt on top of the world. I even woke up for class on Monday and still felt good. Actually I woke up mad that alarm clocks were invented and wished I could sleep until Thursday. But anyways, my body felt good... until the shuttle came to take me to campus and I had to climb up three steps. Three steps. I felt tightness in my legs and had to approach stairs with caution. I made my way up and down stairs on campus The first thing I remembered "I forgot to stretch!" 

The steps for recovery are simple. First, you need a cute basket to place in the corner of your room, in the living room, or maybe even in the kitchen. Put your recovery essentials in a basket to have everything in one place and in a place you visit often to really get some use out of the essentials. You can use whatever type of basket or case you want but if it isn't cute you may not be as attracted to it.

Second, get to work. Listen to Katy Perry's new album, watch Netflix, do whatever you want to keep your mind off of the pain and start recovering. Most of these essentials hurt as heck but trust me, they feel so good.

one: yoga mat
This is for stretching and/or practicing yoga on. Carpet may hurt - placing a yoga mat on the ground doesn't hurt. I recommend downloading the free Yoga Studio app for Iphones and Ipads. There are plenty of different yoga videos for a quick 15 to 30 minute session without leaving your house.

two: a foam roller
This one is highly important to own. There are all different types of foam rollers out there. Go buy one, any one.

three: compression socks
Compression socks " increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue." Which basically means they help reduce soreness. 

four: a tennis ball
Use a tennis ball, a lacrosse ball, a golf ball, etc. All I have is a beat up tennis ball but it works. Use this similar to a foam roller. 

five: epsom salt or ice bath
I don't know what it is about an epsom salt bath but it also works. Place one to two cups of epsom salt in warm to hot water and relax for twenty minutes. Ice is good too. It is much more of a shock and not as relaxing.

other: any other torture recovery tool out there
Kettle bell weights for ab workouts, massages, etc... visit your local running store for more ;)

Happy recovering!


  1. I am so bad about recovering appropriately after a running! That is usually due to me being lazy.... but usually it is because I am racing off to class, jumping in the car to drive some where.... I don't even realize I forgot to stretch until (like you) I wake up and notice I can't pick something up off the floor! haha
    Thanks for reminding us of the "essentials" :)

  2. I love epsom salt baths! They're my favorite. I haven't sucked it up and tried an ice bath yet. I'm a huge baby about the cold.

    1. Mine too! They are awful.. you probably shouldn't do it haha. But it does help!

  3. One of the first things I learned after taking up running this past spring was to stretch, stretch, stretch! I have my yoga mat and foam roller tucked in the corner of my livingroom and it's the second thing I grab after a run. the first is an electrolyte drink. I love the stretching but my foam roller and I have a complicated love/hate relationship.

    1. Yes! That's great you know what to do! What electrolyte drink do you prefer? Haha exactly, I feel the same way about mine.

      Thanks for commenting Anita! Happy running!


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