Five Things On A Friday

October 11, 2013

I missed a day of blogging yesterday, darn! I was hoping to make up from last week when I only blogged twice during the week... I figured no one cared about my 40 minute stationary bike ride. Am I right? Yeah I'm right. Moving on. It's that time again- it's time to link up with A. Liz Adventures for five things on Friday. Here are five things that have made me happy// inspired me this week.

// One //
YOU guys. When I started this blog I didn't realize how many people would actually read it and/or comment such nice things! I have learned new things from a few of you such as running tips and new recipes and I love the encouragement you guys write! It means so much. Thank you!

// Two //
I love this quote. I have found my passion in running and I can't wait for my marathon in a little over one month!

// Three //
If you have been keeping up, for a little over two weeks of training I started feeling horrible (fatigue, sickness, slow runs, overtraining, etc.) and began doubting myself. After changing a few things, I am thankful that I feel healthy again and can continue training pain free!! (for now at least;))

// Four //
The new things that came this week. Including new clothes, new fuel, and a free makeup bag! And I can't forget about my sassy shoes! I was looking at similar ones from Target but they were sold out so I just had to buy these ones from Nordstrom. When I was buying them I was talking with the salesperson (who had my name, exact spelling and all) and telling her my outfit idea. My idea was a black top from Anthropolgie and skinny jeans so I needed a pop of shoe. She told me "oh yes, you need sassy shoes." She got me!

// Five //
The fact that my run tomorrow is only 8 miles. 8 miles is short compared to my other long runs. I am looking forward to enjoying the morning, taking my run slow, and only running 8 miles!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yes yes yes on the shoes! I’m not even kidding that this week (after noticing a few girls on the bus with similar ones) I have been thinking that I really want a pair of leopard print flats. Maybe I should head over to Nordstrom!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yes go buy them right away! I think every girl needs sassy shoes.


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