Weekend Favorites

September 30, 2013

This weekend was the best, relaxing weekend! Orchestra was off this weekend, I didn't have a long run, and I didn't have to drive thirty minutes back to campus to check my lab specimens like I do every other Sunday afternoon.

Friday night my parents and I had movie night. My dad said World War Z was awesome and that we should watch it. My mom and I voted a cute love story but decided to let my dad choose this time. Let's just say, it was quite the opposite of a love story.

Saturday morning my mom and I headed to the mall for a shopping day. She had just bought a few new dresses for church and was in need of shoes to match. My family always comes to me with fashion advice and I just love it! Plus after watching a zombie movie we needed a girls day. Later on during our shopping trip my mom decided to stop at one of the makeup counters. We had some extra time before we needed to head home to get ready for church so she decided to let the lady do her makeup. I wasn't planning on a makeover but one thing lead to the next and we both had a makeover. It was so much fun! I wish I took more pictures but since we didn't plan on taking two hours at a makeup counter and we were rushing I didn't even think of it. I bought some new makeup below which includes blush, foundation, and some lip gloss.

And I got my sister back! I sure do love her.

I was going to do a whole post about overtraining but decided against it. I talked with my dad about how I was feeling and what I should do. We figured taking two days off would be best. I gave myself a couple of days to rest and recover on Friday and Saturday. I then went to an easy yoga class with my mom on Sunday. My dad and I also switched up my training so that this coming weekend I can run the 16 miler that was planned for last weekend. Next weekend I will have a shorter run of 8 miles and the weekend after that I will have my 20 mile race.

After three months of hard training, this past Saturday was the first time I slept in. I was grateful for the sleep. I was also grateful because rather than feel tired the rest of the day and not doing anything, I got enough sleep and spent the day with my mom. We had so much fun buying shoes, getting our makeup done at one of the makeup counters, and buying m&m cookies for snack. I am also grateful that I am not injured. One weekend of rest will only help, not hurt, me. I am taking my runs this week very slow and easy.

I have a 45 minute easy run on the schedule today that I haven't gotten to yet. I am going to take it super slow to ease my way back into training.

Have a great Monday!

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