Weekend Favorites + A Surprise!

September 9, 2013

my sister driving... working on her license. 

This past weekend went way too fast in my opinion. Friday night was pizza and movie night. I was so tired from the whole week that I planned on going to bed early before my run the next morning but that didn't happen. I did spend Saturday successfully with Netflix. Saturday nights are always family nights. This past Saturday my family and I went to church then out to dinner. The place we ate at wasn't a favorite of mine but it was still fun to be with my family. The only thing I liked was the milkshake my sister got and let me have a few bites of. A few pictures below. 

smile, everyone, it's for the blog!
We are just missing one sister... 

On Sunday I had a lot of studying to do to get ahead since this is a busy week for me. It was also a rest day, no exercise. I have a few tests coming up, homework, and a 14 mile run this weekend. Which I am nervous about since that will be the longest run I have done. Today was a 50 minute run which I finished this morning. At first I thought early morning runs were going to be terrible but they have grown on me. I like that I am finished with my workout in the morning and can focus on school and other activities the rest of the day. 

If you read my post from Saturday I said that my oldest sister competed in a triathlon that morning. She placed third overall and first in her age group! You can read her race recap here --> http://annatris.blogspot.com/ 

The surprise is.... Anna is coming into town this week!! I am so excited and can't wait until she gets here!


  1. Your family is adorable :) I love unexpected visits. Have fun with your sister!


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