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September 12, 2013

Hello again! We are all loving having Anna in town!

An update on what has been happening this week: Late afternoon on Tuesday Anna got into town. Kathleen, Anna, and I all did a weight workout together for our cross training day. Anna showed us some new songs that I bought to listen to on my long run Saturday!

Wednesday was my hour long morning run/ all day at school/ and work day.  Yesterday morning Anna had a two hour run to do so we decided to run together. After an hour we looped back to our house then she continued her run. It was definitely fun to have someone else to run with! I had class and work all day. My Wednesday can be summed up in one picture:

Today I had a morning class. After a much needed nap, I did my cross training for the day. I did a thirty minute weight session, finished some homework/studying, then went out with my mom and sisters. I came home to these delicious cupcakes that Anna brought home from her mother-in-law.

 And an OOTD because they are my favorite.

Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: Nordstrom
Sandals: Tory Burch
Bracelet: ILY Couture

We ate dinner at our usual place, Whole Foods. I decided to try something different this time. I got chicken fajitas. They were good but a little spicy. Oh, and I can't forget the cake. A few photos of dinner below.

I love my little sister :)

cake cake cake

So that's what this week has been like. A bit crazy but also lots of fun! Now I am off to get ready for my early morning run tomorrow.


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