Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Eleven

September 14, 2013

Happy Saturday! I finished out week eleven with a total of 28.77 miles of running. I got to run with my older sister Wednesday morning and do cross training with her on Tuesday. It was fun having a workout buddy those two days. Here is a recap of this weeks training:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 50 minute run// 9.46 pace// 5.12 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// strength workout for 60 minutes

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 10.50 pace// 5.47 miles

Thursday: Cross training// strength workout for 30 minutes

Friday: 40 minute run// 9.34 pace// 4.18 miles

Saturday: 14 mile long run// 9.00 pace

I finished my 14 mile run this morning! Now I can say the longest distance I have run is 14 miles! I debated taking my fuel belt with me since last time it bounced around my waist so much. I ended up taking it with me and it didn't even bounce this time. I'm not sure why but I think it just needed a little more tightening around my waist.  Besides running out of gatorade with four miles to go and having my legs feel a little heavy towards the end, it was a great run. Next week is an 8 miler over the weekend to have less milage before my 16 miler in two weeks.

Have a great weekend!

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