My Favorite Running Articles and Some Yoga

September 24, 2013

Last night when I should have been studying my sister and I were watching the premiere of The Voice. If you haven't heard of it, it is a singing competition show. The judges hear a person's voice without seeing them and decide if they like the performance only by listening. One of the performances of the night was incredible. So incredible I had to post it on my blog. And yes, I did purchase it to listen to on my 16 miler this weekend.

Throughout training for my first marathon I have looked up plenty of different websites to learn the best cross training workouts, the best fuel during runs, how to stretch and recover properly, when to buy new running shoes, etc. This is a list that I put together of my favorite articles that have helped me with training.


This one talks about different mistakes made by runners training for a marathon. It has useful tips and I learned a lot just from this one article. Such as:

"For example, if you consume a sports drink and water during a marathon, you'll end up with a very dilute solution in your gastrointestinal system; this will slow absorption of carbohydrate and leave you short of energy in the late stages of the race. At the other extreme, if you consume a sports drink and gel during the race, you'll end up with a stomach full of molasses."
I didn't even know there was a rule to drinking only water or only a sports drink. It goes on to talk about what you should fuel with during the marathon. 
100 Swimming Workouts
This is my favorite website for swimming workouts. Swimming back and forth in a lane can be boring so finding all different types of swimming workouts helped change cross training days up. 
Cool Running
This website is useful with training tips. I am horrible at stretching. I just want to start my run and then finish and go on with my day. Stretching is very important for runners. This article shows different stretches to do before running.
"Sure, [stretching is] not as fun as hitting the road, and the benefits may not be as immediately obvious. But a good and consistent stretching program can save you a lot of trouble and keep you running when you might otherwise become injured."
Jenny Hadfield
Of course I have to include the website where I found my marathon training plan. I have felt good this whole training season and love my training plan! 
Runners World
Everything from motivation to music to injury prevention this website has a ton of useful information. 
source: Runners World website
Today was cross training. I kept it easy with a P90X yoga video. It was long (90 minutes!) but it felt really good. I have been too busy lately to make it to a yoga class so I am glad I found the video to do at home. 


  1. Glad you do your research. I umm....learned "At the other extreme, if you consume a sports drink and gel during the race, you'll end up with a stomach full of molasses" the very hard way...


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