Friday Favorites!

September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!! I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my Friday favorites.

// O N E //

Of course, sisters. They are my favorite! We are just missing one sister who couldn't make it to dinner. From working out together to grabbing dinner at our favorite place I love having sisters to do fun things with.

// T W O //

I am so thankful for new friendships with girls at my campus who have the same classes as me. I thought I would be the only crazy one taking all science classes so I could apply to nursing school in the spring but it ended up that two other girls are doing the same thing. We have figured out how to balance studying/reviewing for each class and make study groups for tests.

// T H R E E //

A few weeks ago I received a gift card to Lululemon and I have loved spending it! Yesterday while shopping at the store I bought this cute top and ran in it this morning. It was light weight and so cute! Plus it matched a pair of my speed shorts that I bought awhile back. Win win :)

// F O U R //

I have some fun things planned this weekend! Including getting manicures and pedicures with my mom and sisters. I also am looking forward to playing in the orchestra at church this weekend since I took off the past couple weekends. Of course, my 14 mile run counts as something fun to me. The longest distance I have run is the half marathon so I am excited to push myself further.

// F I V E //

Lastly, the little things such as treating myself to a delicious strawberry banana smoothie :)


  1. Totally understand having friends to get through science classes together. Sometimes the classes can be such a pain, but having people to go through the classes together make it 10X easier. I saw you had microbio notes in your last post...brought back bad memories haha. Also, my sister is a nurse (labor and delivery) and is loving every minute of it :)

    1. Yes it does! Plus it helps when they know good study habits and can teach me how to study for each. That's awesome! That's exactly what I am looking into doing!


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