Change Is Coming.

September 17, 2013

Dear Garmie the Garmin,

After seven successful and joyous but sometimes hard years of being with you it is now time for me to move on. You experienced some of my best times. You were there for me when I completed my longest run in December of eleven miles and you were there for me when I completed my first half marathon five years ago. You experienced some of my worst times when my runs were not so good but you never gave up on me. Although I only have good things to say about you (except that one time you froze up on me because a drop of sweat fell on you) I have found something that will just work better for me right now. And even if the beginning of our time together was wasted while you sat in a drawer until I decided to become a runner, I think these past few years have been fun. You will always be in my heart (and cabinet). Oh. And thanks for locating my satellites. 

Love, Sara. 

Last night I heard about the new Garmin 620 that will be released in about five to eight weeks. I already knew that it would be my next purchase just by looking at it! I have had my old garmin for awhile so I am looking forward to an upgrade. You can visit the link --> here for more.

A few of the features this watch has includes:

Garmin Forerunner 620:- Now proper 50-meter deep waterproofing
- Bluetooth Smart uploads via your phone
- Internet Livetracking during activities via your phone
- WiFi added for activity uploading and firmware updates
- USB activity downloads added
- Can configure the lap banner that displays upon new lap
- Pre-loading of satellite locations via WiFi, and USB (7 days worth)
- Includes internal accelerometer for treadmill speed/distance tracking
- Added Training Calendar support functionality
- Supports new HRM-Run HR strap for Running Dynamics
- The HRM-Run strap adds tracking of Vertical Oscillation, Ground Contact Time, Cadence  (+ usual HR)
- Addition of VO2Max calculator, Recovery Advisor, and Race Predictor

I am looking at buying the white one and I can't wait until it arrives! 

I got my 50 minute run in yesterday afternoon. My legs were a little tired from my weekend run but I kept the run easy. Today is cross training. I had another test this morning and also have a few errands to run so I still have to complete that. My older sister sent me a few workouts that her coach gave her so I am going to follow one of the circuits.


  1. wow you're really on top of your running equipment! This looks super fancy though... maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. ;)

    1. Haha, I have had mine for so long that I am ready for a new one! That would be awesome :)

  2. I saw the watch on Hungry Runner Girl's blog and now yours. I want it SO badly! And holy cow, you ran your first half 5 years ago? You were 15?

    1. That's where I read it too! It looks SO cool!!

      Haha, yes! I ran it with my dad and it was our very first half marathon. It will always be my favorite :)


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