An Upcoming Race! And Workout Updates

September 19, 2013

Another race, another race! As of ten minutes ago, I am officially signed up for a 20 mile race on October 20th! There were actually four training races in this series that take people from a 10k all the way to the twenty miler but I am only participating in the last one. I decided against adding races to this training season just because I wanted to focus on training rather than adding in a bunch of races. You can read more here. This is advertised as the last tune up race before the marathon.

This week has been a crazy one. I was so worried about the tests I had this week since I had one each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but they ended up not being as hard as I expected. That could have also been because I studied for eight hours a day. 

Lately I have been "sleeping in" until 6am and getting my workouts done in the afternoon. I wanted to focus more on getting my studying done and getting sleep. It has been raining a lot this week which brought on cooler weather so when I run in the afternoon it isn't super hot. I am hoping to be back on track next week with my early morning wake ups. I never could find the gatorade endurance that I wanted to buy to train with but I figured training with regular gatorade wouldn't hurt me. 

Tuesday was cross training. My sister emailed me a strength workout that I followed but changed up a bit. My workout was: 
     Dynamic stretches

     Squats: 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 12 
     Push ups: 3 sets of 10

WOD: (3 to 4 repetitions) 
    15 deadlifts
    15 V- ups which is an ab workout 

    Stretching and foam rolling

I had class all day yesterday and this was my outfit for the day. A few weeks ago one of our very stylish friends gave us clothes she no longer wanted which included those black shorts. This is my top by the way. My younger sister wore this outfit a few weeks ago and I loved it so I borrowed the shorts and outfit repeated. 

Yesterday was also my hour long run day. My legs were tight and heavy from Tuesday's workout. I am actually surprised by my pace since I didn't feel well during the run.

My dad went to the grocery store the other week and brought us back this chocolate almond milk. It is so delicious! It makes the perfect after-you-run drink.

After my fourteen miler last weekend I felt great but at the start of this week my body felt a little "off." I had a doctors appointment today to hopefully figure out what is wrong. My legs are very tight so I am taking today as a rest day and just foam rolling and icing. Tomorrow I am planning on skipping my easy run and doing a swim instead. 

My sister's coach talked about doing quality vs. quantity workouts. She had a pod cast yesterday over Facebook and was basically talking about if you wake up and don't feel well either wait until after you have food to do your workout or just skip it for the day. It is more important to get the long training days in (such as my long weekend runs) than run a short run during the week and injure yourself or overtrain. Training should be based on quality: how you feel rather than quantity: getting the workout done just to mark off another day of training. Such wise words!

That's all for today! Sorry for the lack of cool pictures. Have a great Thursday! 

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