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September 5, 2013

Remember my post on Tuesday when my mom made recipes from the Against All Grains cookbook? I was a little skeptical about how dinner would turn out since I have tried a few gluten free foods and they seem to have no taste. Dinner was absolutely delicious! Don't let the picture fool you, I went back for seconds. What is pictured above is gluten free/ paleo food. I'm not sure all the details since my mom mainly cooked the food. She made a vinaigrette salad, toast (not gluten free), lasagna, and chocolate cake. For having (basically) nothing in them it was one good dinner.

Lately this is what my running looks like..

...since I have to get my runs finished early in the mornings. Tuesday was cross training so I swam laps for 1200m at the gym. I have been doing the same swim workout these past few times I have gone swimming because it is a good mix between a workout and being tough. The swim workout was:

300m warm up
4x 50m swim 
200m swim
4x 50m swim 
300 cool down

I went over to the gym after my morning class and no one was in the pool! The pool is either really busy and you have to wait for a lane. Or, like Tuesday, empty and you have the whole pool to yourself. Besides the creepers in the jacuzzi who watch me swim laps, of course. 

I had an hour long run yesterday morning, class, and then work so it was a busy day for me. I stopped at Starbucks/ Barnes and Noble for an afternoon snack and bought this strawberry banana smoothie. So yummy!

Today is cross training. I am going to do a P90X workout for strength training... eventually. 

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