10 Things I've Learned From Marathon Training

September 2, 2013

It is the start of another training week! This is also week ten which means I am at the halfway mark with only ten weeks left until the marathon! This has been a fun and exciting journey and there are a few things I have learned from training for a marathon.

1. I am hungry all. the. time. Not the kind of hunger where I am bored, but the kind where it has only been about an hour after a meal and my stomach feels empty again.

2. Marathon training takes a lot of time. You have to commit to hours and hours of running, cross training, and strength training. There are weeks where your training equals the amount of two full work days. Right now I am at the perfect time in my life where I have a flexible job, time to commit to training, and I can balance school and studying.

3. There are some (or a few) things I have to say no to. An evening water ballon fight on campus? Can't, I have to be in bed by 9pm to get up for my 5am run the next morning.

4. Sometimes it hurts. While I don't hurt every single day, I am training on tired legs. There are times when I run 10 minute miles because my legs are sore/tired. Soreness is normal but you should talk to a doctor if you are feeling pain.

5. Having a good support group is important. My older sister calls every Saturday morning to make sure I went for my long run. When I get home my parents ask how the run went and how I felt. They keep me motivated to keep going because they believe in me and it makes me believe in myself.

6. Running really is 90% mental. Some days training isn't easy. I have class early in the morning and work right after. I don't always want to wake up at 5am to get an hour long run in but I also don't want to wait until 6pm when I get home. The cheers of the crowd, the thousands of runners who all have a goal in mind, the bands along the course, the support from everyone around me, the free food afterwards, and the goal of crossing the finish line keep me going every single day.

7. Sometimes what gets me through the long, hard training runs is the runner's high of crossing that finish line in November! Sure it is cheesy but I am going to run a MARATHON.

8. I have a more positive self image. (Maybe it is just me) but rather than having negative thoughts on what I want to change about my body I realize how strong I really am. Maybe my legs aren't super muscular but they have taken me on 10 and 12 mile runs and they are going to take me on 18 and 20 mile runs.

9. Marathon training isn't cheap, for me at least. The most important thing is I have got to look cute and comfortable while training. I have to have the perfect running shoes every few months, new Lululemon workout clothes every week, running gear that doesn't chafe, a matching headband to that new outfit, new fuel to try out on my runs, lots of food, etc.

10. The marathon will consume your every thought. I have this feeling that everyone needs to know I am training to run 26.2 miles even if they don't seem to care or I just met them ten minutes ago.

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  1. I LOVE this post so much! Especially #8 and #10. I'm glad you are enjoying training. Rock N' Roll in November will undoubtedly be one of the most magical days of your life :D

  2. Number 1 always gets me! Not training for a full marathon but just a half and I still feel like I could eat a house.


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