Weekend Favorites

September 30, 2013

This weekend was the best, relaxing weekend! Orchestra was off this weekend, I didn't have a long run, and I didn't have to drive thirty minutes back to campus to check my lab specimens like I do every other Sunday afternoon.

Friday night my parents and I had movie night. My dad said World War Z was awesome and that we should watch it. My mom and I voted a cute love story but decided to let my dad choose this time. Let's just say, it was quite the opposite of a love story.

Saturday morning my mom and I headed to the mall for a shopping day. She had just bought a few new dresses for church and was in need of shoes to match. My family always comes to me with fashion advice and I just love it! Plus after watching a zombie movie we needed a girls day. Later on during our shopping trip my mom decided to stop at one of the makeup counters. We had some extra time before we needed to head home to get ready for church so she decided to let the lady do her makeup. I wasn't planning on a makeover but one thing lead to the next and we both had a makeover. It was so much fun! I wish I took more pictures but since we didn't plan on taking two hours at a makeup counter and we were rushing I didn't even think of it. I bought some new makeup below which includes blush, foundation, and some lip gloss.

And I got my sister back! I sure do love her.

I was going to do a whole post about overtraining but decided against it. I talked with my dad about how I was feeling and what I should do. We figured taking two days off would be best. I gave myself a couple of days to rest and recover on Friday and Saturday. I then went to an easy yoga class with my mom on Sunday. My dad and I also switched up my training so that this coming weekend I can run the 16 miler that was planned for last weekend. Next weekend I will have a shorter run of 8 miles and the weekend after that I will have my 20 mile race.

After three months of hard training, this past Saturday was the first time I slept in. I was grateful for the sleep. I was also grateful because rather than feel tired the rest of the day and not doing anything, I got enough sleep and spent the day with my mom. We had so much fun buying shoes, getting our makeup done at one of the makeup counters, and buying m&m cookies for snack. I am also grateful that I am not injured. One weekend of rest will only help, not hurt, me. I am taking my runs this week very slow and easy.

I have a 45 minute easy run on the schedule today that I haven't gotten to yet. I am going to take it super slow to ease my way back into training.

Have a great Monday!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Thirteen

September 28, 2013

I am finished with training for this week. While I am bummed I couldn't do my long run this morning, I know it is better to be rested than to overdo training and risk an injury or something worse. My dad and I talked last night and got an idea of having two rest days which is yesterday and today then doing either an easy swim or yoga tomorrow. I love having my dad to talk and listen to since he has run a marathon before and knows a lot of information. I will have more to post about it next week. For now here is a recap of this week's training.

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 50 minute run// 9.27 pace// 5.29 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// P90x Yoga// 90mins

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 9.00 pace// 6.64 miles

Thursday: Cross training// swam laps// 40mins

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest day

I am off to go shopping with my mom. Have a great weekend!

Lots to say, good choices, and a day off.

September 27, 2013

I was talking with my mom at breakfast the other morning when I told her I was tired but it was only Wednesday. She said "you are a full time student, a part time nanny, you have orchestra rehearsal once a week and play each weekend, and you are training for a marathon. Yes, you're tired." 

I realize I am trying to balance a lot in one semester but I felt a different kind of tired. After finishing my fourteen miler two weeks ago I felt good but the next training week I was tired, didn't feel recovered, and didn't feel 100% on each of my workouts. I took two naps last Tuesday which never occurs, not even one nap a week occurs. I have been pushing through my workouts this week when my body doesn't feel ready and I am still not recovered by the next day. I assumed it was because I ran fourteen miles and my legs were just a little sore. However, I have been feeling fatigue for two weeks now. I also assumed my thyroid levels were low since I have a history of hypothyroidism which it probably is but the doctors can't confirm it for another week. After talking with my dad today he told me I was overtraining which is dealt with by rest and food. While the above factors may play a role in how I have been feeling, overtraining is another one. My dad and I are going to figure out my training schedule later tonight and change it up a bit for the next few days.

Let's move on to better things. My morning started like the picture below and I think that is the best way to start the day. My mom is so wonderful and made breakfast for me! 

Here is my outfit for the day. About half of my closet contains stripes. Striped long sleeves, striped short sleeves, striped tank tops...  I like stripes.

I had a busy morning with class and a lab. One thing that I am proud of today- I finally washed my car! It was one of things that had been on my to-do list for about two weeks now but everything is always so busy I never could get to it. I made a really good choice for lunch and picked up a Subway sandwich on my way home. When I was ordering the guy was tearing up because of the onions and then I felt bad ordering onions on my sandwich because it probably made him tear up more. Also with lunch were grapes, chips, and a bowl of ice cream.

This little one left me today. Kathleen, my younger sister for those who are new to my blog, is with her cross country team until tomorrow night while they travel out of state. It has only been.... seven hours and I already miss her.

I took today off from all exercise. I am off to stretch my legs with these stretches I posted about yesterday. You have to scroll to the bottom of the post if you want to find them.

I hope you have a great Friday!

Training Updates For Week 13

September 26, 2013

Happy Thursday! This week got pretty busy so here is an update with workouts I have done. Wednesday was my hour long run day. I decided to run in the afternoon and took it "easy". Rather than an 8 mile pace I stuck towards 9. It was my last hour long run day! Every Wednesday has been an hour long run but the last few Wednesday's before the marathon are tempo runs. They equal around 50-55 minutes so almost an hour but instead of going out and running for an hour I will be working on different tempos of fast intervals to slower running. Does that make sense? I think it's a mind thing.  Also, the new Garmin needs to come out already. I don't think I can wait another month. I may have called my local running store and had them put me on the top of the list to call once it arrives in stores. 

Today was cross training so I swam laps at the gym. It doesn't count unless you have a picture, right? So here is evidence that I swam. My workout was 1200m. I changed it up from my usual recovery swim and found one off the internet. 3x 100m swim, 4x 50m swim, 1x 200m swim, 4x 50m swim, 3x 100m swim.

My sister sent me this link of stretches to do to help loosen my legs. I am planning on doing all these stretches tomorrow afternoon before my 16 miler on Saturday. The link will take you to the website where it details every stretch. I also have been icing my legs after my runs. I read an (yes, another) article that said even when you don't feel pain try to ice after each run to help recovery.

Speaking of sisters, Anna finally updated her blog this month! I am always waiting to hear of what she has to say. 

Seven Interesting Things About Me

September 25, 2013

Last week Nicole from Not Before My Tea nominated me for a blog award. I thought an acceptance speech was necessary but turns out it's not an actual award. Darn. The point is to write seven interesting things about yourself then have 15 more people do the same.

Once you've "won" the award, the rules are pretty simple:
  1. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
  2. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  3. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
I don't even think I know 15 bloggers (my bad) so I nominate...
Lizzy,  LindseyKatie, Anna, Alicia, Madelynne, and Andrea

And here are seven things about me... 

1. In high school I never considered myself a "good" or "fast" runner. Running was all mental for me then so if other girls ran faster than me I would assume they would always be better than me. I spent four years trying to make it to state. During my senior year I ran the 800m all throughout the meets and finally district and regionals came up. I made it past district and placed third at regionals which meant I was going to STATE. That will always be my favorite memory.

2. I absolutely love my family. We are all so close and I love that about us. 

3. After completing a 5k in the spring of this year I decided I was finished with "fun runs." The waiver had us sign that if we were paralyzed or killed while running the event it was our own fault. I was so scared the entire time that I just wanted to be finished with the run. And while it was actually a fun race I would rather be hurt running a half marathon than while running just 3 miles so I am officially done with fun runs.

 4. I competed in a Duathlon two years ago. It was a swim and run and I placed second in my age group. I do think the girl who won cheated but that's just me. 

5. I am obsessed with ice cream.

 6. I signed up for my first half marathon of the 26 I have planned and won a pair of sunglasses! They are ugly and I never wear them but hey, I won a pair of sunglasses!

7. And lastly, I thought my calling in life was modeling. I planned out my future of not going to college the first year so I could be on America's Next Top Model. I was a part of the Nordstrom BP team my freshman year of high school which included fashion projects and runway shows. However, once the girls told me they don't eat in order to be skinny I ditched the high heels, grabbed sneakers, and never looked back. 

Thanks for the award, Nicole! This was fun! 

My Favorite Running Articles and Some Yoga

September 24, 2013

Last night when I should have been studying my sister and I were watching the premiere of The Voice. If you haven't heard of it, it is a singing competition show. The judges hear a person's voice without seeing them and decide if they like the performance only by listening. One of the performances of the night was incredible. So incredible I had to post it on my blog. And yes, I did purchase it to listen to on my 16 miler this weekend.

Throughout training for my first marathon I have looked up plenty of different websites to learn the best cross training workouts, the best fuel during runs, how to stretch and recover properly, when to buy new running shoes, etc. This is a list that I put together of my favorite articles that have helped me with training.


This one talks about different mistakes made by runners training for a marathon. It has useful tips and I learned a lot just from this one article. Such as:

"For example, if you consume a sports drink and water during a marathon, you'll end up with a very dilute solution in your gastrointestinal system; this will slow absorption of carbohydrate and leave you short of energy in the late stages of the race. At the other extreme, if you consume a sports drink and gel during the race, you'll end up with a stomach full of molasses."
I didn't even know there was a rule to drinking only water or only a sports drink. It goes on to talk about what you should fuel with during the marathon. 
100 Swimming Workouts
This is my favorite website for swimming workouts. Swimming back and forth in a lane can be boring so finding all different types of swimming workouts helped change cross training days up. 
Cool Running
This website is useful with training tips. I am horrible at stretching. I just want to start my run and then finish and go on with my day. Stretching is very important for runners. This article shows different stretches to do before running.
"Sure, [stretching is] not as fun as hitting the road, and the benefits may not be as immediately obvious. But a good and consistent stretching program can save you a lot of trouble and keep you running when you might otherwise become injured."
Jenny Hadfield
Of course I have to include the website where I found my marathon training plan. I have felt good this whole training season and love my training plan! 
Runners World
Everything from motivation to music to injury prevention this website has a ton of useful information. 
source: Runners World website
Today was cross training. I kept it easy with a P90X yoga video. It was long (90 minutes!) but it felt really good. I have been too busy lately to make it to a yoga class so I am glad I found the video to do at home. 

Weekend things, new music, and week thirteen.

September 23, 2013

This weekend consisted of late afternoon cross training on Friday, an eight mile run, finding new music to listen to, orchestra, church with my family, and nannying. I always enjoy my Saturday's because once I finish my long run for the weekend I have an excuse to be lazy all day.

On Saturday my sister, Kathleen, and I were listening to my Ipod when we both realized I was in need of some new music. With a 16 miler coming up this weekend I definitely agreed. After listening to everything on Itunes I found four songs that were worth buying. I am very picky when it comes to music so you can bet these are good. I need songs that I can play on repeat for three hours and not be tired of after the first few times.

 photo 0b3bbb89-aa3c-49d7-b208-368980f75606_zps58b9bf79.jpg

1. Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd
2. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
3. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
4. Counting Stars by OneRepublic

My favorite that has been on repeat since I bought it is Counting Stars by OneRepublic. Kathleen let me know it came out a long time ago (seven months ago) but I am always behind on the latest songs. If you haven't heard of it go check it out!

Saturday night was orchestra and church. Afterwards we came back home and had pizza and movie night. I have some more tests this week so it was also a study night for me. And Sunday I nannied all day and had so much fun. I definitely love my job. Enjoy this selfie of my sister and I after church:

This morning started week thirteen of training. I had a 50 minute run to do and decided to run early before class. Laying out my running clothes the night before helps when the 5am alarm goes off.

And that fills you in on what I've been up to!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Twelve

September 21, 2013

Week twelve is finished! I was looking at my calendar this morning when I realized I am into single digits- I have four more weeks until the 20 mile run and eight more weeks until the marathon! I finished week twelve with 20.37 miles of running. Overall I felt okay this week. Towards the end of the week my legs were pretty tight so I had to change my training around just a bit. Here is a quick recap of my week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 50 minute run// 9.23 pace// 5.30 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// strength training for 30 mins

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 8.29 pace// 7.07 miles

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Cross training// swam laps

Saturday: 8 mile run// 9.14 pace

I felt really good during my run this morning! I took it easy and enjoyed the morning and the cooler weather that the rain brought. I am glad I listened to my sister who told me to focus on how I feel and take it easy the rest of the week. Thanks sister!

Have a great weekend!

Five On Friday- A Link Up

September 20, 2013

Happy Friday! It's that time again that I get to link up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my favorites from this week! Here are five things that made me happy!

O N E 
Snack time yesterday was my favorite. My sister and I baked these cookies from Whole Foods. The dough comes in a box of ten and you just pop them in the oven. They are so delicious! Especially in a cute mug from Anthropologie and with ice cream.

T W O 
I had class this morning but I was let out of lab early at 11:45am. When I checked my phone I had a text from my sister, Kathleen, that said "WE HAVE FOOD" My mom and Kathleen stopped at the grocery store while I was gone. Lots of food in the fridge and cabinet make me and my stomach very happy!

It has been raining here a lot this week. I got home from class, ate a yummy lunch, then enjoyed the rainy afternoon. I am a sucker for love stories and had been waiting all week to watch Safe Haven that is on Netflix. I was too busy with studying during the week so I was looking forward to a free (and lazy) afternoon. It was such a cute movie.

I changed up my training plan these past few days based on how I was feeling. I took a day off yesterday and did cross training today. After enjoying a lazy afternoon, Kathleen and I hit the gym pool for a swim workout. My workout was: 

1000m recovery swim workout
100m swim
100m kick
100m swim
100m kick
100m swim
100m swim
100m pull
100m swim
100m pull
100m swim

And my last favorite. Katy Perry's song Roar. When it comes on the radio you can bet we turn it up loud. When I am working out to it you can bet my runs get faster. It is a great pump up song. 

I hope you had a great Friday!

An Upcoming Race! And Workout Updates

September 19, 2013

Another race, another race! As of ten minutes ago, I am officially signed up for a 20 mile race on October 20th! There were actually four training races in this series that take people from a 10k all the way to the twenty miler but I am only participating in the last one. I decided against adding races to this training season just because I wanted to focus on training rather than adding in a bunch of races. You can read more here. This is advertised as the last tune up race before the marathon.

This week has been a crazy one. I was so worried about the tests I had this week since I had one each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but they ended up not being as hard as I expected. That could have also been because I studied for eight hours a day. 

Lately I have been "sleeping in" until 6am and getting my workouts done in the afternoon. I wanted to focus more on getting my studying done and getting sleep. It has been raining a lot this week which brought on cooler weather so when I run in the afternoon it isn't super hot. I am hoping to be back on track next week with my early morning wake ups. I never could find the gatorade endurance that I wanted to buy to train with but I figured training with regular gatorade wouldn't hurt me. 

Tuesday was cross training. My sister emailed me a strength workout that I followed but changed up a bit. My workout was: 
     Dynamic stretches

     Squats: 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 12 
     Push ups: 3 sets of 10

WOD: (3 to 4 repetitions) 
    15 deadlifts
    15 V- ups which is an ab workout 

    Stretching and foam rolling

I had class all day yesterday and this was my outfit for the day. A few weeks ago one of our very stylish friends gave us clothes she no longer wanted which included those black shorts. This is my top by the way. My younger sister wore this outfit a few weeks ago and I loved it so I borrowed the shorts and outfit repeated. 

Yesterday was also my hour long run day. My legs were tight and heavy from Tuesday's workout. I am actually surprised by my pace since I didn't feel well during the run.

My dad went to the grocery store the other week and brought us back this chocolate almond milk. It is so delicious! It makes the perfect after-you-run drink.

After my fourteen miler last weekend I felt great but at the start of this week my body felt a little "off." I had a doctors appointment today to hopefully figure out what is wrong. My legs are very tight so I am taking today as a rest day and just foam rolling and icing. Tomorrow I am planning on skipping my easy run and doing a swim instead. 

My sister's coach talked about doing quality vs. quantity workouts. She had a pod cast yesterday over Facebook and was basically talking about if you wake up and don't feel well either wait until after you have food to do your workout or just skip it for the day. It is more important to get the long training days in (such as my long weekend runs) than run a short run during the week and injure yourself or overtrain. Training should be based on quality: how you feel rather than quantity: getting the workout done just to mark off another day of training. Such wise words!

That's all for today! Sorry for the lack of cool pictures. Have a great Thursday! 

Change Is Coming.

September 17, 2013

Dear Garmie the Garmin,

After seven successful and joyous but sometimes hard years of being with you it is now time for me to move on. You experienced some of my best times. You were there for me when I completed my longest run in December of eleven miles and you were there for me when I completed my first half marathon five years ago. You experienced some of my worst times when my runs were not so good but you never gave up on me. Although I only have good things to say about you (except that one time you froze up on me because a drop of sweat fell on you) I have found something that will just work better for me right now. And even if the beginning of our time together was wasted while you sat in a drawer until I decided to become a runner, I think these past few years have been fun. You will always be in my heart (and cabinet). Oh. And thanks for locating my satellites. 

Love, Sara. 

Last night I heard about the new Garmin 620 that will be released in about five to eight weeks. I already knew that it would be my next purchase just by looking at it! I have had my old garmin for awhile so I am looking forward to an upgrade. You can visit the link --> here for more.

A few of the features this watch has includes:

Garmin Forerunner 620:- Now proper 50-meter deep waterproofing
- Bluetooth Smart uploads via your phone
- Internet Livetracking during activities via your phone
- WiFi added for activity uploading and firmware updates
- USB activity downloads added
- Can configure the lap banner that displays upon new lap
- Pre-loading of satellite locations via WiFi, and USB (7 days worth)
- Includes internal accelerometer for treadmill speed/distance tracking
- Added Training Calendar support functionality
- Supports new HRM-Run HR strap for Running Dynamics
- The HRM-Run strap adds tracking of Vertical Oscillation, Ground Contact Time, Cadence  (+ usual HR)
- Addition of VO2Max calculator, Recovery Advisor, and Race Predictor

I am looking at buying the white one and I can't wait until it arrives! 

I got my 50 minute run in yesterday afternoon. My legs were a little tired from my weekend run but I kept the run easy. Today is cross training. I had another test this morning and also have a few errands to run so I still have to complete that. My older sister sent me a few workouts that her coach gave her so I am going to follow one of the circuits.

Weekend Favorites!

September 16, 2013

Happy Monday! I had so much fun this weekend with my family! It is a rare sighting for all of us to be together these days. My oldest sister, Anna, is married and lives in another state but she does try to come down as often as she can. My second older sister, Elizabeth, moved out a little while ago and is usually busy with her own schedule. Usually it is just my mom and dad, Kathleen, and me. I loved having everyone together!

Friday afternoon I got home from class and Anna told me the idea of going to get our nails done so my mom, Anna, and I went to get manicures and pedicures. Kathleen isn't much of a mani/pedi girl. Anna and I got fun colors one last time before Fall is here! 

Saturday was my long run day. Anna and my dad were up at the same time I was to go on a three hour bike ride and short run. Half ironman training seems intense. I mapped out my fourteen miler on Friday night so I could get an idea of where I would be running. After a little over two hours of running, I was so happy with how my run went! I did a lot of stretching and foam rolling afterwards to recover without any soreness.

Later Saturday night we went to church and I played in the orchestra. Afterwards we went out to dinner. A few pictures below:

Burgers and frozen custard are definitely a favorite!

Sunday was spent mainly studying for my tests, running a few errands, and saying bye to Anna which I didn't want to do. And that is my weekend :). I had a test this morning and I decided that sleep was better than running so I am going to do my run later this afternoon. 

Have a great Monday!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Eleven

September 14, 2013

Happy Saturday! I finished out week eleven with a total of 28.77 miles of running. I got to run with my older sister Wednesday morning and do cross training with her on Tuesday. It was fun having a workout buddy those two days. Here is a recap of this weeks training:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 50 minute run// 9.46 pace// 5.12 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// strength workout for 60 minutes

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 10.50 pace// 5.47 miles

Thursday: Cross training// strength workout for 30 minutes

Friday: 40 minute run// 9.34 pace// 4.18 miles

Saturday: 14 mile long run// 9.00 pace

I finished my 14 mile run this morning! Now I can say the longest distance I have run is 14 miles! I debated taking my fuel belt with me since last time it bounced around my waist so much. I ended up taking it with me and it didn't even bounce this time. I'm not sure why but I think it just needed a little more tightening around my waist.  Besides running out of gatorade with four miles to go and having my legs feel a little heavy towards the end, it was a great run. Next week is an 8 miler over the weekend to have less milage before my 16 miler in two weeks.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites!

September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!! I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my Friday favorites.

// O N E //

Of course, sisters. They are my favorite! We are just missing one sister who couldn't make it to dinner. From working out together to grabbing dinner at our favorite place I love having sisters to do fun things with.

// T W O //

I am so thankful for new friendships with girls at my campus who have the same classes as me. I thought I would be the only crazy one taking all science classes so I could apply to nursing school in the spring but it ended up that two other girls are doing the same thing. We have figured out how to balance studying/reviewing for each class and make study groups for tests.

// T H R E E //

A few weeks ago I received a gift card to Lululemon and I have loved spending it! Yesterday while shopping at the store I bought this cute top and ran in it this morning. It was light weight and so cute! Plus it matched a pair of my speed shorts that I bought awhile back. Win win :)

// F O U R //

I have some fun things planned this weekend! Including getting manicures and pedicures with my mom and sisters. I also am looking forward to playing in the orchestra at church this weekend since I took off the past couple weekends. Of course, my 14 mile run counts as something fun to me. The longest distance I have run is the half marathon so I am excited to push myself further.

// F I V E //

Lastly, the little things such as treating myself to a delicious strawberry banana smoothie :)

Sisters + an OOTD + photo updates

September 12, 2013

Hello again! We are all loving having Anna in town!

An update on what has been happening this week: Late afternoon on Tuesday Anna got into town. Kathleen, Anna, and I all did a weight workout together for our cross training day. Anna showed us some new songs that I bought to listen to on my long run Saturday!

Wednesday was my hour long morning run/ all day at school/ and work day.  Yesterday morning Anna had a two hour run to do so we decided to run together. After an hour we looped back to our house then she continued her run. It was definitely fun to have someone else to run with! I had class and work all day. My Wednesday can be summed up in one picture:

Today I had a morning class. After a much needed nap, I did my cross training for the day. I did a thirty minute weight session, finished some homework/studying, then went out with my mom and sisters. I came home to these delicious cupcakes that Anna brought home from her mother-in-law.

 And an OOTD because they are my favorite.

Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: Nordstrom
Sandals: Tory Burch
Bracelet: ILY Couture

We ate dinner at our usual place, Whole Foods. I decided to try something different this time. I got chicken fajitas. They were good but a little spicy. Oh, and I can't forget the cake. A few photos of dinner below.

I love my little sister :)

cake cake cake

So that's what this week has been like. A bit crazy but also lots of fun! Now I am off to get ready for my early morning run tomorrow.
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