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August 26, 2013

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday afternoon my sister had off class so my mom, sister, and I went out shopping for the afternoon. Which included getting an afternoon snack of birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles. I am obsessed! Saturday I had my long run, went to work for a couple hours, had orchestra rehearsal/ church, then spent the evening at home with my family eating pizza and watching a movie. Sunday was a rest day which meant sleeping in and relaxing. We also celebrated my older sister's birthday. A photo from Saturday's run. 

Thanks to Image MapsPicMonkeyVenus trapped in mars, and a few hours of free time on Sunday, I was able to create these social media icons! I love taking the time to figure out how to do different things for myself, such as making the collage for my header and now side bar icons. I am still working on finding the right icons that work with my blog. You can download these and use them for your blog! Or make your own following the links above. 

I had work this morning so I did my 45 minute run this afternoon. In the rain, too. But I did it.


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