Today's Cross Training + Top Songs + Girl's Night

August 8, 2013

Today was cross training so I went to the pool for a swim workout. I tried to take a cool I'm-swimming-laps-today-at-the-gym selfie but it didn't really work out like I thought it would since the people in the hot tub located right across from the pool were watching me. The good news was that no one was swimming laps today! Usually the lanes are full and I have to wait forever but there was only one other swimmer and me. Swim workout was: 300m warm up, 4 x 50m swim, 200m swim, 4 x 50m, 300m warm down. The total was 1200m. For the second set of 50's I alternated between fast and slow swimming. I have found three songs that are perfect for working out! I am crazy about these songs. You have got to look them up and buy them.

1. Schoolin' Life by Beyonce
2. American Girl by Bonnie McKee
3. Make the World Move by Christina Aquilera

Last Friday night, a couple of my best friends from high school and I got together for dinner and frozen yogurt. It was so much fun seeing them all again! They are some of the sweetest girls I know. I love that even after two years we start from where we left off.

The other day when Lululemon opened I bought a few things including this top in the Love Red color. It is actually a running tank but the texture is different from their other tanks that it doubles as a cute top. I wore this outfit to girls night but am just getting around to posting it!

This tank has a split back so I wear a white tank underneath it. Occasionally I pair it with blue jean shorts and leave it open for a more "summery" look.

Usually my day to day attire in the summer is workout clothes so the occasional dressing up is my favorite! The necklace belongs to my sister from Francescas. The white pants are from Anthropologie. Heels are from DSW. You can also find this post on Instagram @saralynnhoffman

That's all for now! Happy Thursday!

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