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August 8, 2013

my family ^^^

A few days ago, Alicia over at In Healthy Habits We Trust asked if I wanted to link up with her for a running post. Of course I said yes! But since I am fairly new to blogging I also asked what linking up meant.. she said the idea is to write what my ideas are on what the future of running may be like in five or ten years. Here are my ideas on what the future of running may be..

1. Going Bare. Barefoot running is becoming more and more popular, I think more people are going to opt for minimalist shoes or even no shoes at all. 

2. Reaching (or running) to the impossible. People will become more active, create faster and harder goals for themselves with what they think is impossible, and goal times for different distance races will get faster.

3. Advanced watches. Instead of having ten watches that have different functions such as: waterproof, highly accurate, multi sport, heart rate monitor, full slate data fields, great battery life, GPS, virtual partners, etc. I think one high tech watch with every function will be created. 

What are your thoughts on the future of running? 


  1. I would love a watch that did everything for me.... and one that I never had to charge!! :) Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I love this.

    1. Yes and yes! Thank you for the great idea and inviting me to link up with you!!

  2. Really ypur whole family is huge runners? Looks like all ni ke and asics fans? You all must have so many pairs of shoes around!


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