Swimming, Smoothies, Six miles, and School

August 28, 2013

Hello again! A quick update on workouts from yesterday and today. Yesterday was cross training so I swam laps with my sister. I found a workout online from this website. The workout was 1200m: 300m warmup, 4 x 50m fast, 200m swim, 4 x 50m fast, 300m cool down. After swimming laps we grabbed smoothies from the gym cafe. I'll charge that to the card. Sorry Dad..

My mom and sister stopped at a running store yesterday (while I had work) to get new running shoes and new running accessories. They picked up a couple of surprises for me! Including this awesome Sweaty Band that I can represent while I train for my marathon in November.  I love it!

They also bought these reflective lights for me. They are magnetic and can clip onto any part of my shorts or shirt. School started again which means I have to get my training in before 6am. I used them during my hour long run this morning where I was basically a running light show having them blink red lasers all over the place. I am sure other runners thought I was crazy with all my reflective gear but hey, better safe than sorry.

To get ready for my twelve mile run on Saturday I will post an updated playlist so you can hear some more of my favorite songs. This is a busy week for me and I am already tired. For now, enjoy this picture from my first day back.

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