Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Five

August 3, 2013

Happy Saturday! Week five of marathon training is finished with a total milage of 22 miles. I didn't have any soreness or fatigue this week, only strong runs! Training is so much more fun when there aren't bad days :) A quick recap of workouts are posted below.

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 45 minute run// 4.90 miles// 9.10 pace
Tuesday: Cross training// hot yoga// 60 minutes
Wednesday: 50 minute run// 5.86 miles// 8.32 pace
Thursday: Cross training// indoor bike// 30 minutes
Friday: 30 minute run// 3.24 miles// 9.16 pace
Saturday: 8 mile run// 9.28 pace

I felt really strong during today's long run. I took the Gatorade chews and my handheld water bottle because it was humid out. Next week I am visiting my older sister in Oklahoma and can't wait to see her! Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice job with your training :)You'll have to take some pics in Oklahoma and show us what it's like running there!

    1. Thank you Brittany! Sorry it took me so long to reply :) I loved your idea of showing what running would be like in Oklahoma so I had the idea to make a video- I hope you liked it!

      Happy Running!


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