Friday Faves

August 16, 2013

 I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures again this week for Friday's favorites. This is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do on Friday. 

For the past few days Kathleen has been away with her cross country team at a retreat. I am not liking this whole "your sister goes to a different college than you" deal but I am thankful she still lives at home :)

I am about to end week seven of marathon training. Good or bad runs, I still love every second of it. 

Last weekend my sister and I were in charge of buying groceries for our family so we decided to make a quick stop at the gym for a snack. My gym's smoothies are so delicious! Hmm.. maybe we will grab another one this weekend. 

I love this water bottle [that actually belongs to my sister] because the sides are marked with how many oz. are in the container. I recently searched online how much water I should be drinking based off of all the activity I am doing and my weight.

My sister and I were both in need of new running shoes. We love our blue hued shoes. 

Happy Friday!

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