Five On Friday

August 9, 2013

Hello and happy Friday! Today's run was an easy run between 30-40 minutes long so I chose to run for 32 minutes. While listening to my favorite songs of the week that I posted about yesterday, I could have kept running all morning. Good thing my long run is tomorrow so I have plenty of time to listen to them all on repeat ;) I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures today for Friday's favorites!

1. What is in the mail- Last night I did some online shopping and bought these two items below. I can't wait for them to come in next week! My current running shoes are starting to hurt my feet. One more long run in them tomorrow then it will be time for them to retire to cross training shoes. I love the colors on these Mizuno Elixir 8's. I also ordered a new backpack for school. I will definitely need this hiking/adventure backpack for trekking across my college campus.

2. Selfies- I finally took one of those gym/workout session selfies. You know the ones that all the fitness bloggers post and usually there are some people in the background watching them or maybe they are just smiling at themselves all alone? No shame here. Even if it doesn't count since I was in a hotel fitness room that no one else entered during the duration of the time I did some weights.. New Lulu tank too!

3. Froyo- Mmmm froyo. Who doesn't love froyo? So many flavors to choose from, toppings galore, five gallon cups to put all your froyo loving needs into. And girls night. I took this when I was out with my friends that I also posted about yesterday. Too much fun with those girls!

4. Family- Or at least 4/6 of my family. My dad and other sister aren't pictured because they didn't get to go. They had something called work. We had so much fun visiting Anna (second from the left) and running around Oklahoma for a few days!

5. Happy thoughts- Always happy thoughts. 


  1. You are adorable! Love those selfies!

  2. Froyo, YES, it's a must for me on these hot summer days! Sometimes I completely justify getting some after lunch as long as I convince myself to fill the cup halfway with froyo, halfway with blueberries and kiwi. :) I mean, fruit serving, hello!

    Thanks for linking up Sara!

    1. Haha! That sounds very yummy! Usually I stick to the candy and sprinkles. Thank you for letting me link up, April!

  3. Just found your blog via Five on Friday! Love the new tank :)


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