Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Nine

August 31, 2013

I have made it through another training week! I finished out week nine with 26.78 miles of running. Today's long run felt really strong. I wore my fuel belt that my sister gave me for my birthday! It was my first time testing it out since training began. I really like having gatorade and gu right with me on my long runs. The only problem was it bounced around my waist so I had to wear it below my hips. I am still planning on running with it on my four other long runs within the next few weeks. A recap of workouts below:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 minute run// 9.33 pace// 4.71 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// swam laps for 1200m

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 9.20 pace// 6.44 miles

Thursday: Cross training// core and full body workout for 40 minutes

Friday: 40 minute recovery run// 11.00 pace// 3.63 miles

Saturday: 12 mile long run// 8.42 pace

This weekend I will be doing a lot of resting and eating. Have a great, looong weekend!

My long run playlist!

August 30, 2013

Today's workout was a 40 minute recovery run. After a run, school and a two hour nap, I have finally gotten around to editing my playlist for my long run tomorrow. I am loving the new Lady Gaga song called Applause. You can find that song on repeat on my Ipod. 12 miles, here I come. Got more suggestions? Post them in the comment box! Happy Friday!

Swimming, Smoothies, Six miles, and School

August 28, 2013

Hello again! A quick update on workouts from yesterday and today. Yesterday was cross training so I swam laps with my sister. I found a workout online from this website. The workout was 1200m: 300m warmup, 4 x 50m fast, 200m swim, 4 x 50m fast, 300m cool down. After swimming laps we grabbed smoothies from the gym cafe. I'll charge that to the card. Sorry Dad..

My mom and sister stopped at a running store yesterday (while I had work) to get new running shoes and new running accessories. They picked up a couple of surprises for me! Including this awesome Sweaty Band that I can represent while I train for my marathon in November.  I love it!

They also bought these reflective lights for me. They are magnetic and can clip onto any part of my shorts or shirt. School started again which means I have to get my training in before 6am. I used them during my hour long run this morning where I was basically a running light show having them blink red lasers all over the place. I am sure other runners thought I was crazy with all my reflective gear but hey, better safe than sorry.

To get ready for my twelve mile run on Saturday I will post an updated playlist so you can hear some more of my favorite songs. This is a busy week for me and I am already tired. For now, enjoy this picture from my first day back.

Weekend Favorites// New Things// Today's Run

August 26, 2013

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday afternoon my sister had off class so my mom, sister, and I went out shopping for the afternoon. Which included getting an afternoon snack of birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles. I am obsessed! Saturday I had my long run, went to work for a couple hours, had orchestra rehearsal/ church, then spent the evening at home with my family eating pizza and watching a movie. Sunday was a rest day which meant sleeping in and relaxing. We also celebrated my older sister's birthday. A photo from Saturday's run. 

Thanks to Image MapsPicMonkeyVenus trapped in mars, and a few hours of free time on Sunday, I was able to create these social media icons! I love taking the time to figure out how to do different things for myself, such as making the collage for my header and now side bar icons. I am still working on finding the right icons that work with my blog. You can download these and use them for your blog! Or make your own following the links above. 

I had work this morning so I did my 45 minute run this afternoon. In the rain, too. But I did it.

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Eight

August 24, 2013

I finished week eight this morning with a 10 mile long run that felt great! Overall this week I felt a lot better than last week. I had to adjust my training schedule just a bit by moving my Wednesday run to Tuesday and doing cross training two days in a row but I still fit in all my workouts. Switching my weight routine from Body Beast to P90X definitely left me feeling stronger rather than super sore. Here is a quick recap of my training this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 minute run// 4.86 miles// 9.16 pace

Tuesday: 60 minute run// 6.54 miles// 9.10 pace

Wednesday: Cross training// swam laps for 1000m

Thursday: Cross training// P90X video for 60 mins

Friday: 40 minute run// 4.26 miles// 9.24 pace

Saturday: 10 mile run// 8.43 pace

The total milage this week was 25.66 miles of running. Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday!

Friday's Favorites

August 23, 2013

Happy Friday! I am linking up again with A. Liz Adventures with a few of my favorite things this week. But first, my training today was a 40 minute easy run. I woke up early to finish that then ate a big breakfast of waffles, eggs and bacon, strawberries and blueberries, and coffee. It was the perfect (and most delicious) way to start the day. Enjoy my Friday favorites and have a great day!

Last weekend I went with a friend to get pedicures and it was such a treat! Even if it was a creepy nail salon and the man was asking if I had a boyfriend and for my email... I still enjoyed having my toes pretty again.

Girly things. A few months ago one of my friend's made me a background for my phone using one of her apps. I love the print and it is currently the wallpaper on my cellphone.

A good summer read. I used to be such a bookworm until I finished the Harry Potter series and nothing seemed to be better. I have found a couple books that I am currently reading, although they aren't Harry Potter, I still enjoy them.

My new Vera Bradley headband that I just love the print of! My sister and I were in the store a few days ago and bought matching ones.

Finding new blogs to read! And since it is five on Friday I will share five of my favorite blogs to keep up with:

Go check them out! 

Workout Updates and Where Can I Find This...

August 22, 2013

I have heard, probably from Runner's World, that it is good to train with the sports drink that is given out during the marathon. This year the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon changed the sports drink from Cytomax to Gatorade Endurance. I have my first double digit run this weekend and want to take this drink with me on the run but I can not find it in any store... Does anyone know where I can find this drink? I'll be searching for it more tomorrow on my day off work.

Yesterday I did the same recovery swim workout that I did last week. I did a set of ten 100m swims nice and easy. I nannied for a few hours in the morning, picked up my sister from school, went to the gym, got home, then went to orchestra rehearsal. Just in case you wanted to know how my busy day went.

Today was cross training so I did a P90X video. It is an hour workout but there are very minimal weights so I don't completely exhaust my muscles as Body Beast does. I followed the Legs and Back video and worked on pull ups, wall sits, squats, lunges, and a handful of other exercises.

Weekend Favorites

August 19, 2013

This weekend was busy but it was also very fun! As I mentioned in my last post, Friday night I went to get dinner with my mom and sister at Whole Foods. Saturday morning I had my long run of six miles. My friend's family is helping her move back into her college apartment so I stayed with their younger daughter, McKenna, for the weekend. We went out to dinner, played mini golf, got pedicures, watched movies, danced with the Wii, went to church, and enjoyed having girls weekend! Pictures below are from Friday night's dinner.

Awhile back I decided to take a semester off playing my flute in the orchestra at my church. With being a nanny, training for a marathon, and having a harder semester, balancing it all seemed impossible. I used to play on Sunday mornings which meant I had to get up at six a.m. and be there until almost noon. We have had a break for the summer but after three months I missed playing. I switched to Saturday nights, got to play this weekend, and I am so excited to be back!

Saturday night was church and family night which included getting dinner at BurgerFi and eating free custard. So delicious.

This morning was the beginning of another training week. I had a 45 minute easy run on the schedule. My legs are definitely feeling better after a rest day yesterday. My younger sister started her first day of college this morning. I finished my run then went to have lunch with her. At Whole Foods nonetheless :) I didn't take pictures of that but here is a Garmin picture from my run.


That's all for now!

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Seven

August 17, 2013

I finished week seven of training with a total of 20.31 miles of running. Overall my legs were tired this week. I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and starting fresh on Monday! Here is a quick recap of what my weekly training looked like:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 minute run// 9.10 pace// 4.91 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// Weights// 40 minutes

Wednesday: 60 minute run// 10.00 pace// 6.00 miles

Thursday: Cross training// Swam laps for 1000m

Friday: 30 minute run// 8.49 pace// 3.40 miles

Saturday: 6 mile run// 8.53 pace

Last night my mom, sister, and I went to Whole Foods for dinner- so delicious! I got a wrap, pasta salad and shared a slice of cake with my sister. This morning I slept in a bit (or an hour) since I only had six miles to run. I just kept quoting "the faster you run the faster you will be done" and I booked it those six miles. I am glad to be finished because I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Faves

August 16, 2013

 I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures again this week for Friday's favorites. This is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do on Friday. 

For the past few days Kathleen has been away with her cross country team at a retreat. I am not liking this whole "your sister goes to a different college than you" deal but I am thankful she still lives at home :)

I am about to end week seven of marathon training. Good or bad runs, I still love every second of it. 

Last weekend my sister and I were in charge of buying groceries for our family so we decided to make a quick stop at the gym for a snack. My gym's smoothies are so delicious! Hmm.. maybe we will grab another one this weekend. 

I love this water bottle [that actually belongs to my sister] because the sides are marked with how many oz. are in the container. I recently searched online how much water I should be drinking based off of all the activity I am doing and my weight.

My sister and I were both in need of new running shoes. We love our blue hued shoes. 

Happy Friday!

New Shoes!

August 13, 2013

My new Mizuno Wave Elixir 8's came in the mail today which made the day extra exciting! The last time I bought running shoes I went to a running store and spent two hours finding the right pair. There were too many different kinds and I didn't know what I wanted so it was a bit overwhelming. I knew what shoe I wanted this time because I have read a bunch of other running bloggers who love them. I ordered them from Running Warehouse.

The review says it is: "a versatile shoe with some serious style, Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 is ready for anything. Light enough for racing yet protective enough for high milage training, this mild support shoe features a flexible upper and an accomodating fit, while the responsive midsole delivers a smooth heel-to-toe transition..." New shoes are always so exciting! I can't wait to try them out during my hour long run tomorrow. 

Cross training was on the schedule for today so I did a Body Beast: Build Legs video sequence. I made a big mistake... I spent the morning dropping my sister off at her cross country meeting then wasted ahem, spent a lot of time at home. When my mom and sister got home later in the afternoon they wanted to go out shopping so I went with them. I didn't start my workout until after 7pm. Yup, PM. Never again!

The 40 minute video was: a warmup, a super set, a giant set, another super set, then a cool down. The super sets have two weight routines without a break and the giant set has three weight routines without a break. I did a bunch of squats, lunges, calf raises, deadlifts and some abs all for the build legs routine. I'm glad I got the workout done instead of making up excuses! Have a great Tuesday!

Back at training again

August 12, 2013

I am back at training again for week seven!

My weekend consisted of a 9 mile long run, grabbing smoothies at the gym without working out there, buying groceries, going to church with my family, and relaxing.

My training this week is shorter and longer - Wednesday's moderate run is raised from 50 minutes to 60 minutes but my long run this weekend is only 6 miles.

Today's run was 45 minutes at an easy pace. I ran around a 9:10 pace for 4.91 miles.

Saturday night after church my family and I went out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom where we ate some delicious pizza then we went shopping around.

I bought some more Gatorade energy chews while at Academy. I try different fuels each weekend to see what works best so I will know which to take during the marathon.

They are so far my favorite fuel during my weekend long runs! 

Katy Perry has done it again! 

Go check Itunes or Google or some radio and listen to her new song Roar! It came out this morning which I am so excited about! Too bad I forgot to buy it before my run this morning.. 

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Six

August 10, 2013

I finished out week six of marathon training this morning with a 9 mile run! The total milage this week was 23.18 miles of running. Overall my runs felt strong this week. I woke up super early ready to run this morning since I knew I would have great songs to listen to for an hour and a half! Here is a quick recap of this week's training:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 45 minute run// 9.22 pace // 4.86 miles 

Tuesday: Cross training // RPM cycle class // 50 minutes

Wednesday: 50 minute run // 8.18 pace // 6.02 miles

Thursday: Cross training // swam laps // 1200m

Friday: 30 minute run // 9.43 pace // 3.30 miles 

Saturday: 9 mile run // 9.42 pace 

Have a great weekend!

Five On Friday

August 9, 2013

Hello and happy Friday! Today's run was an easy run between 30-40 minutes long so I chose to run for 32 minutes. While listening to my favorite songs of the week that I posted about yesterday, I could have kept running all morning. Good thing my long run is tomorrow so I have plenty of time to listen to them all on repeat ;) I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures today for Friday's favorites!

1. What is in the mail- Last night I did some online shopping and bought these two items below. I can't wait for them to come in next week! My current running shoes are starting to hurt my feet. One more long run in them tomorrow then it will be time for them to retire to cross training shoes. I love the colors on these Mizuno Elixir 8's. I also ordered a new backpack for school. I will definitely need this hiking/adventure backpack for trekking across my college campus.

2. Selfies- I finally took one of those gym/workout session selfies. You know the ones that all the fitness bloggers post and usually there are some people in the background watching them or maybe they are just smiling at themselves all alone? No shame here. Even if it doesn't count since I was in a hotel fitness room that no one else entered during the duration of the time I did some weights.. New Lulu tank too!

3. Froyo- Mmmm froyo. Who doesn't love froyo? So many flavors to choose from, toppings galore, five gallon cups to put all your froyo loving needs into. And girls night. I took this when I was out with my friends that I also posted about yesterday. Too much fun with those girls!

4. Family- Or at least 4/6 of my family. My dad and other sister aren't pictured because they didn't get to go. They had something called work. We had so much fun visiting Anna (second from the left) and running around Oklahoma for a few days!

5. Happy thoughts- Always happy thoughts. 

Today's Cross Training + Top Songs + Girl's Night

August 8, 2013

Today was cross training so I went to the pool for a swim workout. I tried to take a cool I'm-swimming-laps-today-at-the-gym selfie but it didn't really work out like I thought it would since the people in the hot tub located right across from the pool were watching me. The good news was that no one was swimming laps today! Usually the lanes are full and I have to wait forever but there was only one other swimmer and me. Swim workout was: 300m warm up, 4 x 50m swim, 200m swim, 4 x 50m, 300m warm down. The total was 1200m. For the second set of 50's I alternated between fast and slow swimming. I have found three songs that are perfect for working out! I am crazy about these songs. You have got to look them up and buy them.

1. Schoolin' Life by Beyonce
2. American Girl by Bonnie McKee
3. Make the World Move by Christina Aquilera

Last Friday night, a couple of my best friends from high school and I got together for dinner and frozen yogurt. It was so much fun seeing them all again! They are some of the sweetest girls I know. I love that even after two years we start from where we left off.

The other day when Lululemon opened I bought a few things including this top in the Love Red color. It is actually a running tank but the texture is different from their other tanks that it doubles as a cute top. I wore this outfit to girls night but am just getting around to posting it!

This tank has a split back so I wear a white tank underneath it. Occasionally I pair it with blue jean shorts and leave it open for a more "summery" look.

Usually my day to day attire in the summer is workout clothes so the occasional dressing up is my favorite! The necklace belongs to my sister from Francescas. The white pants are from Anthropologie. Heels are from DSW. You can also find this post on Instagram @saralynnhoffman

That's all for now! Happy Thursday!
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