When you go to the gym...

July 9, 2013

Today's workout was cross training. I kept it easy with a 60 minute Stretched and Balanced class at the gym. Usually after finishing my runs I get busy and don't stretch as much as I should/need to so I was looking forward to this class. After breakfast and a cup of coffee, I dressed in Lululemon best and headed to the gym.

A few of my younger sister's friends and my best friend from high school, Morgan, and her younger sister, McKenna, met up with us. Morgan goes to college way too far away in my opinion, but I love that each summer we can pick up where we left off. She is always a joy to be around and she is such a great friend! 

The class description said "dynamic movement, balance work and traditional stretches will increase your range of motion and mobility, improve your recovery time and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. Remember flexibility as a necessary part of your healthy way of life routine! May use BOSU." We did different stretching exercises and used a BOSU (pictured below) for some ab work and planks. My legs are definitely feeling better after that class!

And when you go to the gym.... you have to document it


  1. You all look great! Love the lulu - is that a Cool Racerback? I. Live. In. Those.

    1. Yes- so do I! I probably own too many of them but they are so great!


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