What's in your gym bag?

July 25, 2013

Hi everyone! My sister and I went to the gym together so I could do my cross training of swimming laps while she ran the treadmill. When I got out to the pool all the lanes were filled. 

There are ten lanes at the gym- five indoor and five outdoor. I checked the outdoor lanes. Nope, swim tests full of five years olds were going on. Okay, back indoors. Again, lanes were full. 

Everyone and their moms were swimming laps including the walkers who walk for days back and forth in the lanes, the backstrokers who seem to be going slower with every stroke they take, the "I-see-you-obviously-waiting-for-a-lane-but-I'm-going-to-be-a-jerk-and-take-the-first-open-laners", and then a couple of swimmers who were actually swimming laps. So I waited. And waited. For twenty minutes. 

Finally I got a lane and did my swim workout.

200m warm up

5x 50m swim

4x 100m swim

200m warm down

I was reading this girl's blog the other week and she wrote on the topic "what's in your gym bag?" I loved the idea so I decided today I would do a post about what I take to the gym. I got my gym bag from Target about a year ago and absolutely love it. Similar here. It is made by Gaiam which also sells a bunch of yoga equipment and other bags. The bag I have has two side pockets, two outer pockets, three inside pockets, and a yoga mat carrier on the bottom. It fits literally everything and is my favorite bag! 

1. Workout gear: two swim caps, a ziplock bag of my swim workout, and my goggles. I always keep these in my bag even if I don't swim that day.

2. Wallet: Of course. How else would I charge $70 worth of smoothies over a two week time period with my gym pass? Sorry dad...

3. Sunglass case: I love my Oakleys that I got for my birthday! I want to keep them protected while I workout so I keep them in the case when they aren't on my face.

4. Keys: Yeah, I drove myself to the gym.

5. Sunglasses: Oh look there they are. And not in the case. Oops.

6. Bag of essentials: This includes random items that aren't so essential such as: a Lululemon towel, Clif bar, a water bottle, bandaids, sunscreen, an eyelash curler, teeth whitening strips... maybe I should clean that out.

So there you have a glimpse into my gym bag. What's in your bag?


  1. That's awesome your sister is going to pursue her running! My gym bag is full of far too much stuff. A couple fitness magazines, my workout clothes and sneakers, my ipod & nike + system, my l.l.bean sports sunglasses, body glide, deodorant, hair stuff, and much much more!

    1. Absolutely, I am so proud of her and can't wait to continue cheering her on in her meets! Oh wow! My teeth whitening strips don't seem too bad now, haha ;)

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