This Morning's Miles

July 10, 2013

 My day started at 6:30am with a 45 minute moderate run on the schedule. I had my usual chocolate chip Chewy bar before I left. I wake up hungry but go run within ten minutes from getting up so I can't eat too much or too light. I have tried Clif bars and snickers Marathon bars and while I love them I prefer those as post run snacks. I have also tried eating fruit before my runs but then I am hungry halfway through my workout. Chewy bars have been the best so far. However, when I get into longer than 6 mile runs I will fuel differently than how I do now. 

This wasn't a tempo run and my runs are supposed to be kept in the easy- moderate range with nothing hard. My first few miles were around 8:30 pace then I slowed to an 8:over 40 something pace having an average of 8:48 pace per mile for 5 miles. I added two hill sprints but other than that this run was not super hard. Afterwards I got ready for the day, ate breakfast, and left to nanny for the morning/afternoon. I spent late afternoon in the pool because it's too hot for anything else. 

Also. I have been updating my Ipod music lately and that means new songs and new playlists. Want to listen to a motivating song? Search Sean Paul "Hold On". This song is from the Usain Bolt documentary that is now on Netflix. I'm obsessed. With both the song and the movie, that is. 

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