Sweet Summer Time

July 12, 2013

Yesterday was a busy day so I didn't get to post my workout. It was a cross training day so I rode the indoor bike for 45 minutes. I decided against swimming this week but will be hitting the pool next week. My sister and I went out shopping for the evening. I'm posting just a few pictures below. 

A little while back I made a few goals to complete for 2013. Here is an update on how they are going.

  • Run at least 4 half marathons [three completed] 
  • Compete in at least one duathlon [still debating whether or not to do this one]
  • Run a double half marathon [again, still debating]
  • Complete an 18 mile run
  • Complete a 20 mile run
  • Finish 26.2

There are a couple of them that I made up before marathon training so I am still deciding whether or not to complete them this year or wait until next year. Since I am training for my first marathon I want to be smart about races I add into training. 

Today was an easy 30-45 minute run. My legs were feeling a little tired so I chose to run for 30mins. My mom and sister tagged along for the run. I didn't take my Garmin this morning to focus on how I felt rather than what the watch said. Afterwards we walked for half a mile to cool down.

Day 12's workout is finished! Happy Friday!

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