So far so good but incomplete.

July 30, 2013

I didn't forget about my blog, I promise!

These past few days of nannying have been so fun but also tiring. By the time 8pm came around I was too tired to write up a blog post. This weeks training, even if it has only been two days, can be described as that saying. So far it has been good, but it is incomplete.

 On Monday I had a 45 minute run so I got up early and ran that.

Today was cross training. My sister and I went to the gym so she could swim laps while I went to hot vinyasa yoga. I haven't been to yoga in awhile but I want to go more often! It was so good. Rather than a relaxing yoga class this was a bit harder class. We went through a bunch of poses that I don't know the names of and did a few strengthening moves such as ab work and push ups. All while pouring sweat.

Afterwards my sister and I got turkey avocado sandwiches and mocha madness smoothies for dinner. 

I have decided that after each month of training if I get all the workouts done I will treat myself to something special. This month was..... A SHOPPING SPREE! I am obsessed with shopping. My favorite store, Anthropologie, recently had a huge sale so I bought a few tops from there and a couple pairs of sandals. I love good sales and sweet finds!

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