Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Three

July 20, 2013

Week three is finished and over and done and... you get it. This week ended better than it started! Here are my workouts for the week:

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 40 minute easy run// 4.09 miles// 9.46 pace
Tuesday: Cross training// Indoor bike for 40mins
Wednesday: 45 minute moderate run// 5.16 miles// 8.43 pace
Thursday: Cross training// FIT class for 60mins
Friday: 30 minute easy run// 3.22 miles// 9.19 pace
Saturday: 7 mile long run// 9.18 pace

I closed out this week with 19.47 miles of running. I felt really strong during this morning's long run. Maybe last night's Alamo Cafe secretly helped me? I usually eat a bar before I run but didn't wake up hungry as I normally do so I decided not to eat this time. I took energy chews instead. Today I tried out the Gatorade Prime Energy Chews in cool blue which I loved! The flavor is great and the texture feels like swedish fish. The only problems are that they dyed my tongue blue and they are a little tricky getting out of the wrapper. I took two and put them in my pocket before the run. For my older sister who is training for a half ironman and cycles for two hours or others who take the wrapper with them I would say open the packet before you train or even put them in a ziplock bag. And as long as I am running, I don't mind if my tongue is blue. It was my first time trying them out so I only bought one packet of them. Overall I like them- I need more!

Have a great weekend!

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