Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Four

July 27, 2013

Good morning! Remember when my Garmin strap broke? The replacement band came in the mailbox the other day so my watch is fixed! Despite a little soreness, my training this week was great. I finished my long run this morning and now am off to go nanny for four days. Luckily I have some help from my family so I can get my workouts done. I closed out the week with 19.98 miles of running. No, I don't round up ;) Here is a quick recap of my workouts this past week. Have a great weekend!

Sunday: rest day
     am: 40 minute run// 9.46 pace// 4.18 miles
     pm: weights class at the gym// 50 mins + core class// 30 mins
Tuesday: cross training// Body Beast: Bulk Legs// 40 mins
Wednesday: 50 minute run// 9.08 pace// 5.47 miles
Thursday: cross training// swam laps
Friday: 30 minute run// 9.00 pace// 3.33 miles
Saturday: 6 mile run// 9.47 pace


  1. Glad you had a great training week and your Garmin strap arrived :)

    I would have been so mad if mine broke...maybe I should get a replacement strap ahead of time just in case!

    1. Me too!!

      They shouldn't break because of how durable and expensive they are but mine is old and has had a lot of wear. It may be a good idea for backup!

  2. Nice job on your training! That's good that your fam will be able to help you out so you can still run :)

    1. Thank you Brittany!

      It helped a bunch! Kudos to you for being a mom and training!! :)


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