Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week Two

July 13, 2013

Week two of marathon training is done! I closed out this week with 18.49 miles of running. Overall I felt good- my legs were tired towards the end of the week but my goal is to stretch more next week to see if that helps. My long run was finished early this morning so I have two days of catching up on sleep and the Bachlorette! My weekend goals are to: relax, ice, keep it tight with compression socks, foam roll, and stretch to get my legs rested for next week's training. Here is a quick recap of this week's training.

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 40 minute easy run// 4.28 miles

Tuesday: Cross training// went to Stretched and Balanced at the gym 

Wednesday: 45 minute moderate run// 5.11 miles

Thursday: Cross training// rode indoor bike for 45mins

Friday: 30 minute easy run// 3.1 miles

Saturday: 6 mile run

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