Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Week One

July 6, 2013

Week one of marathon training is done! This week has consisted of four days of running and two days of cross training. Sunday's are rest days. You can follow along my Instagram account @saralynnhoffman for updates although I don't post too often. And now on to week one recap. 

Monday 7/1: 40 minute easy run//  4.1 miles
Tuesday 7/2 : Cross training for 30-45 minutes// swam laps for 1300m. Plus new cross training shoes which I LOVE.

Wednesday 7/3: 45 minute moderate run// 5.1 miles
Thursday 7/4: Cross training// 40 mins of Body Beast weights
Friday 7/5: 30min easy run// 3.1 miles
      I woke up early to get in my 30 minute easy run. My schedule said the run could be between thirty and forty minutes, I choose to run for thirty. I kept my pace nice and slow at a 9:30 per mile pace. I'm not sure how my sister made it into the Garmin picture.
Saturday 7/6: 5 mile long run.
     Today's long run was a 5 miler. Every Saturday's long run is supposed to be run at an "easy, conversational" pace so I went very slow and enjoyed the beautiful morning. It seemed like everyone was out for a run or bike or walk this morning. 

I closed out week one with: 17.2 miles of running. Also, I added a countdown widget on the left hand side of the page to countdown until the marathon! 133 days!


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