New Shoes and Cross Training

July 2, 2013

Yesterday was another Girls Day! Scratch that... every day has been girls day because my dad works every day ;) My oldest sister and her husband have been in town for a visit but the visit went too fast. I wish they still lived here. From shopping - to cheering on Anna in her triathlon Sunday - to spa day - to having a workout buddy, these last few days has been so much fun. I am in denial that she leaves tomorrow.

My mom, sisters, and I went to get manicures/ pedicures, then went shopping, then went to Whole Foods for lunch. I bought the new Nike Zoom Volmero 8 shoes because they are super cute. I mean... because I needed a new pair of shoes for cross training. My younger sister, Kathleen, is running shoe savvy so she always helps me pick out the most awesome running shoes. A few photos below.

As seen on Instagram
Moving on to today. Day two of marathon training called for cross training 30-45 minutes. I swam laps at the gym lap pool with Anna. I didn't take any pictures so I will have to settle for posting what I swam. For those who have asked, I am following this plan from Jenny Hadfield. She has plenty of free training plans for different running levels. I researched plenty of different training plans and this one is my favorite. I liked that this plan starts with low mileage then builds up and that running days alternate rather than every day being a run.

Swim workout:
200m warmup
4 x 50m swim
4 x 100m swim
200m swim
300m cool down
Total: 1300m

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Those cross training shoes look awesome! Kathleen did a great job. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes she did, she's got an eye for shoes :)

  2. How many pairs of cross training shoes do you have? How long do they last?

  3. Thanks for the share.That's a comprehensive list. I really have been linking the New Balance cross training shoes for my daily workouts. Give it a go if you like one.

    I recently started running and have been into these majorly.


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