Marathon Training Begins

July 1, 2013

Happy July! Happy Monday! Happy first day of marathon training!

As you may know, I am training for my first marathon that is in November. I have a 20 week training plan that I printed off, saved as a screen shot, and have basically saved everywhere. I am very excited [and a little nervous] to start this new challenge. These next five months will be hard, but will also be rewarding. I will do whatever it takes to get across that 26 point 2 finish line.

Day one of training called for an easy 40 minute run which I ended up running around 4.1 miles. I ran based on how I felt, took it easy, and didn't worry about my pace. 

Day one of training is done! 


  1. You are so cute! I'm planning on running a fall marathon too! How did you decide on a training plan? Mine started with an 8 mile long run, but I like yours better!

    1. How cool!! I looked at a bunch of training plans before I chose one of Jenny Hadfields. I like that she starts off with less milage and builds up. I also like that it is running every other day than some of the other training plans that have running every single day. Look at and she has a bunch for free ranging from beginner to advanced plans. How did you choose yours and who is it by?

  2. Exciting! I like how once your long runs get into the double digits you alternate them with "shorter" long runs.


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