Cross Training Times 2

July 23, 2013

Yesterday morning I did my 40 minute run and in the late afternoon my mom and sister wanted to go to a class at the gym so I decided to tag along. We went to a 50/50 class which is half cardio, half weights for an hour. My other sister met us after that class for a thirty minute core class. The core class was ridiculous. We used a fitness ball for most of the core work. In one exercise we had to plank and keep our feet on the ball but instead of feeling the workout I was slipping off of it. I looked up and saw my sister roll off her fitness ball and the girl next to us lost hers which I couldn't stop laughing about. Laughing is a core workout, right? These are a few examples of fitness ball exercises that we worked on:

I am sure the fitness ball can be a great core workout but I prefer my usual planks, crunches, and sit ups. All pictures above are from Google.

Moving on.

Today was cross training. I followed the Body Beast: Bulk Legs video sequence. It was a sweaty mess and I definitely felt the burn! 

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